Thursday, April 29, 2010

My cartoon in the 90s

Today, I decided to compile some of the cartoons I did in the 90s. I'd earned some pocket money after those works were published in Sin Chew Jit Poh (I was newly wed and enjoying a honeymoon year in USA at that time).

Durian Season...
Counsellor's Advice
Counsellor's Advice:"Music, book and movie may help to ease your pain after a break up"
However, beware of the type of song, book and movie selected...

Who is more frightening?!

Chinese Ghost Month?!


The Artist
The Artist's Hubby
The artist hubby told his friend:"My wife said there'll be prawn and fish tonight."
His friend said:"Your wife is so good."

Noisy Couples & Nosey Neighbours
I can't really translate my chinese title :"天生(添聲)一對”。
In chinese, 天生一對(Tian sheng yi dui) means "The Perfect Match"
添聲一對 (Tian sheng yi dui) means "The Noisy Couple"

Who's the BOSS?

The boss said: "not approve..."
The boss of the boss said :"NOT approve..."

Pay Day...

In Chinese, 薪金 (xin jin) means "salary"
新金(xin jin) means "new gold"
A lover's salary = a lover's new gold

Astro Vs Homework
"Who has just installed Astro at home?"
"Who has not done the homework yet?"

The Wrong Types of Book...
Reporter:"Malaysians love to read, the books they like are..."
Well, it's important to choose the right type of reading material.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Farewell Uncle Bong Su

Today is one of the saddest days of my life, with the passing of a dear Uncle (my dad's close friend).

Words cannot describe the pain suffered by those who lose someone they love and respect...especially when it came unexpected. Uncle Bong Su was a helpful, kind and loving man. He's always willing to drive my parents to KL. Once he jokingly told me he's my dad's "chauffeur". In fact, he's also the "camera man" and the "video editor" who had created so many sweet memories for the people around him.

He would sent me emails updates on their fun activities such as my dad's birthday party celebration with his buddies, trip to Batu Pahat for Khek Lang Mee, some happy gatherings etc.

After I told him about my "igloo", he sent me emails to give me words of encouragement.


We are the same, we get our satisfaction when others enjoy looking at our creations. Your cartoons especially, when people got tickled looking at them, you will feel pleased. Creative people love to create and share. So you are no stranger to me. You are creative and have a big heart.

As for your cartoons, never say that you do not have time to think and draw. Inspiration will come anytime of the day or night. You don't have to think they will come when you bulb lights up. Get a piece of paper and pencil ever ready. Sketch them out when they cross your mind. You can do it.

Thanks for your nice words and thanks a lot for sharing.

Bong Soo"


Dear Unce Bong Soo, you've touched the lives of those around you, and I'm surely one of them. May you rest in peace.

As for my beloved dad, I know he'll grieve for the loss of his good friend. I hope he can cope well. Dad, I'm sure Uncle Bong Su wouldn't want us to be sad for him (Dont' forget he was always there to bring happiness to others). Let us just remember those happy times... at least we could grieve in a healthy way.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

The giant & the empty nest

The 2 birds that built a nest in my backyard produced 2 offsprings a few weeks ago. I enjoyed seeing the mother bird bringing food to her babies. I felt so happy to hear them singing and chirping in the mornings.

A few days ago my hubby got very curious and wanted to take a closer look inside the nest. Upon seeing that "giant", the frightened baby bird swooped out of the nest immediately. Unfortunately it fell into a water feature nearby (poor little thing, must be its first flight) .

The guilty "giant" quickly picked it up to put on his palm. Feeling insecure, it flapped its wing and flew away. It then perched on our neighbour's air con compressor and refused to "come home". Since that incident, the family abandoned the nest and was never seen again.

How I miss my feathered friends. I hope they're safe out there and wish they will pay us a visit some day. Oh yes...and the giant promised to respect their privacy if they were to come back again...