Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Congratulations my girl!

My girl strongly dislikes stereotyping.
She was transferred from an "Elite" class 精英班 to an "ordinary" class 中班 in standard 6. She started to sense some "discrimination" when she was told that only the elite class students were eligible to represent school for English writing competition.
When she was older, she noticed some people assume that the smart ones will go into science class and only the not so smart one will end up taking humanities subjects. And worst still, those who are good at art are usually not so good academically.
She said she wanted to prove them wrong. Hence, even though she loves to draw very much, she set her priority right by concentrating on revisions when exams drew closer. I am glad with her IGCSE straight As (7A* in Art and Design, Economics, Global Perspective, English First Language, English Literature, Combined Science & BM, and 3As in Mandarin, Math and Business Studies) , she has proven that effort does pay off, and everyone has his or her own strength. 
Well, if you see a red-haired girl with make-up, please do not stereotype her as someone who loves to party and hates books. She is a book lover indeed.
Well done my girl, I am proud of you.