Friday, May 18, 2012

Gift of Love

My daughter Huey brightens my mother's day with a beautiful hand sewn jewellery case.

My little girl Zi warms my heart with her lovely poem.

My son surprised me with a wonderful song he played and recorded in his keyboard
 (will try to upload it soon)

Best of all, my 2 girls made Mother's Day cards for their "Kakak" too.

Dear Kakak, Happy Mother's Day!! I love U. 
You're so awesome and I'll miss you when you go back :-(
But I hope you are happy
I'll never forget you!!

She also handmade a "cake" keychain for her Kakak.

As for Zi, she made a card to show her Kakak how much she appreciates & adores her.
Thanks Kak, You Are The Best
Thank you for taking care of me for 6 years! (actually is 8 years)
I love you a lot. Once again THANK YOU!

I'm touched by what my girls wrote to their kakak (my maid) whom has been taking care of them for  8 years. She has decided to go back for good by end of this year. All of us are going to miss her dearly. But we are happy for her to go back to her family...especially to be with her beloved daughter. She is a good  & caring mother who constantly calls and sends sms messages to her daughter. 
My hubby bought us a cake.
What a wonderful Mother's Day!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A very special Mother's Day Coupon

Last year, my little girl gave me a very special Mother's Day coupon which I have been keeping in my purse for nearly a year.
 If I flash the "coupon", she has to obey my instruction and read for an hour. (but of course I can only use the coupon once) 
 The back page of the coupon comes with "1 hour (of Reading) + Doing 7 pages of workbook".

Guess last year I had used the coupon to make her do 7 pages of workbook, and that's why she has covered it with black ink. However, I have not used the "1 hour reading time" on her. 
Hmm...Not sure whether is the coupon still valid or not.
I'm glad so far my little girl has no problem doing her homework. Even before blowing her birthday candles last year, she was busy doing her homework. 
How I love my little darling!