Saturday, November 28, 2009

Visit to a welfare home

Last Sunday, my family followed some Christian friends to visit a Children & Adult Welfare Home in Kepong. As compared to a shelter home we visited 2 years ago (coincidentally, also with a group of christian friends even though we're buddhist), this welfare home is much smaller. It's run by an indian couple since 1998 - the husband owns a textile factory and acts as the warden of this home, and the wife cooks and drives the kids to school everyday. So far, all funds come from the couple and the public.
Most of the boys attend Tamil school. They're paying full attention when the indian lady was sharing with them in Tamil. I could see they're infected by her zeal. Most of them are not orphans but with single mothers who could not take care of them.
I can see some very bright children there. I hope they can have good education and have faith in their dreams.
Singing time... I'm glad my son took the initiative to help the kids with the lyrics. (My boy has grown up a little)
Time for some refreshments.
Love is colour blind. It will be wonderful if one day my family can join a soup kitchen with all 3 races involved (without political color). Hand in hand, the world can be a better place...

Some adults joined in during the photo session. Many of them had conjunctivitis which we're not aware of prior to our visit.

*** A few days after our visit, my hubby & I plus my youngest daughter had conjunctivitis too. Now I realize how contagious this disease is. Even so, we've no regret to visit them and looking on the bright side, Love is as contagious too!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

How Heavy Is the UPSR exam?

My son got his UPSR result recently. I did not expect much due to the following reasons:
He didn't attend any other tuition class except BM.
He said "penulisan" paper was tough.
He complained that Chinese subject was difficult (he wished he did not need to study chinese subject)
He said he should have opted to answer Science paper in English instead of Chinese.
He spent lots of his free time reading story books and not school text books/workbooks.
He was busy preparing for his Robotic competition during UPSR exam week.

Better than what I've expected, he got 6A and 1B (Chinese comprehension).

Yesterday, I was cleaning up his room and ready to throw away all his Standard 6 workbooks & worksheet from school + BM tuition, to my surprise... it weight up to a whopping 50 pounds... excluding text books! (Being a good class student, he's loaded with lots of school work)

I'm sure for those who've attended more tuition classes, the burden would be much heavier. I wonder how "heavy" is the mental stress. Poor kids.

Looking back, I'm glad he's spared from those tuition classes and gained more time to enjoy his childhood. At least, he got more time to daydream :-)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Family Tree

Mom & dad, me & my brothers' families. (We've given it to mom as her birthday present this year)

My family tree.

"You don't choose your family. They are God's gift to you, as you are to them." -- Desmond Tutu

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Shooting in the Dragon Fruit Plantation

My son is crazy for BB Gun with plastic bullets recently. Last week we went back to our hometown and he got the chance to hone his shooting skill in his uncle's plantation.

His sister helped to carry the bullets - what an important task for the special assistant!
My hubby made his own catapult when he was young. I'm sure all the squirrels in his dad's plantation hated him. He said he'll make one for his son soon.
Using the bottle as target.
I know at this age my son is curious about gun. I explained the danger of it and the precaution he has to take. I know I can't stop him from his curiosity but I do wish he'll outgrow it soon.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Halloween at Toy R Us

2 days before Halloween, I received a call from Toy R Us inviting us to take part in their halloween celebration (one kid and one parent). I immediately accepted the invitation after being told that we're the privileged few, and each kid will receive a RM100 worth of door gift!
Tian Zi 's daddy took a photo of her with the organizers.

They had the chance to practice the games before the real competition.

From competitors to friends... and coincidently both are from the same school!

Tian Zi won the second prize and brought back lots of wonderful prizes! (Besides the door gift, she also received a special gift for her halloween costume)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween Fun 2

This year, we had the 2nd Halloween celebration in our neighborhood. More houses were decorated for Halloween and the crowd was getting bigger. There were more than 50 kids participated in the event. It was harder to control such a big crowd. Even so, everyone had a good time together and some are already looking forward to next year's halloween. My daughter is already thinking about her outfit for next year!
Ready to go trick or treating.
My little niece was holding a FINGER baked by her very creative mother. (Even her Tinkerbell outfit was made by her mom too)
The devil looked at the "finger" in disgust.
The neighbourhood's trick or treaters started to pour in.
Neighbours gave out the candies.

Another group of trick or treaters joined us.
A spooky house with bats on the wall...
A vampire came out to greet the trick or treaters.
Cute clowns, colourful hair.
Freddie Kruger??!!!
Kids in all types of costume. It's an unforgettable nite for them.
Can you spot a monster behind the glass door?
Now you see, now you don't, now you see, now you don't............". The monster used a torch light to create the special effect to "entertain" the crowd.
The "monster" finally appeared. He's busy throwing candies for kids to grab.
A boy celebrated his birthday on Halloween and it must be a privilege to have so many monsters and devils to sing him the birthday song.

All types of "scary" food prepared by my two very talented sis-in-laws.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Fun

Painting a spider web for the little witch.
My niece's Kakak is painting Tian Huey's face with "cold powder".
I am painting a devil's fork for Tian Zi.
My son REALLY learns a lot from the movies! (no wonder he asked for a tooth pick)
My lovely niece turns into a little witch... but still lovely!
Mirror Mirror On The Wall, Who's The MOST NAGGY MOTHER of them all?? (My kids always complain that I am too naggy. Since I'm not being appreciated, I've decided to turn myself into a Bad Queen... the stepmother of Snow White)
Tian Zi the devil.
My sweet little girl...
is going to turn into...
...a VAMPIRE!!!!
In this world, only one thing can cast a spell on these devil and mafia...
it's no other than the TV!!
The BCF aka Best Cousins Forever... not the Bad Company Forever!!
A happy family photo with sister-in-laws, nieces, mom and dad. (I love that Tinkerbell)
Kakak Yuni the Pontianak & Tian Zi the devil ready to treat the kids with sweets & goodies.

Ahem....the three s..x.. and villains. (the Bat Woman's head gear is so special!)