Sunday, March 28, 2010

A not so De-light-ful Earth Hour??

I must admit yesterday we did not have a de-light-ful Earth Hour in our neighborhood as most of the houses still had the lights on. A year ago, many neighbors turned off the lights, one couple was seen having candle light dinner at home, and some even held a party in the club house!

Even so, I told my kids to observe Earth Hour again and I'm glad they obediently did so. I know this little action could not really save our earth, but I wanted to create the awareness among them as they still have the bad habit of leaving the fan and lights on sometimes.
After walking around the neighbourhood, the girls went cycling while my son took photos to record the moments.
Photo taken from the clubhouse tower. Most houses still had lights on.

Shadow play...can you see a dog and a snail? (All 3 photos were taken by my son. His photography skill is improving!)

Later, the kids complained that they're sweating and feeling itchy. I was worried about mosquito bite (a lot of dengue cases nowadays) and hence decided to turn on a light and a fan. Although we failed to observe for a full hour, I hope at least my kids managed to learn something meaningful from this little exercise.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Hong Kong - here we come again!

We've just come back from Hong Kong on the 16 Mac. It was our second trip there since 2007. My 2 girls still love Disneyland very much but my son has lost some interest in it.
My mother-in-law and sister-in-law joined us this round.
We stayed in Disneyland Hollywood Hotel for 3 nights. My elder daughter and I were bitten by bed bugs on the 3rd nite. Now we still have bumps all over our hands and it's really itchy.
We had our breakfast at Disneyland, therefore we could enter the park an hour earlier. We're greeted by Mulan and 2 Chipmunks inside the restaurant.
Dim Sum at Plaza Inn, Disneyland costs HK 165 for an adult and HK88 per kid. Very expensive especially when Tian Zi was only able to finish a bun and a small dumpling! What a waste of $$!!!

Besides Disneyland, we went to a big factory outlet mall at Tung Chung which is only a station away from Disneyland. We also took a 25 min cable car ride to see the Tian Tan Buddha in Lantau Island. (the pics are still with my sis-in-law). I'm glad we chose the "crystal" cabin which is equipped with a glass bottom. It feasts our eyes with an amazing bird eye view!

The last time we visited Hong Kong, we managed to cover more places such as Victoria Harbour Planeterium and Space Musuem, Madame Tussauds, enjoyed a double decker bus tour etc.

Even so, this time it's a short yet enjoyable trip :-)

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Happy Anniversary

Dad and mom tied the knot on the 8th of March, 1968. I used the photo taken in their house during the recent Chinese New Year to give them a little surprise on their 42nd Wedding Anniversary. (as I know they read my blog).

Dearest Mom and Dad,
Even though I've always felt the love of our family at heart, as I grow older, I come to realize just how lucky I am to have wonderful parents who share such a healthy and happy marriage. Both of you have made a house a home and warm it through and through. It's your love that has kept our family close. You are truly an inspiration on what commitment and true love should be.

Yuin Long, Yuin Hui and I are proud to have you as our parents, and Tian Juin, Tian Huey, Jessie, Jamie, Tian Zi and Yu Jie are blessed to have you as their loving grandparents. And I'm sure Yew Kheng, Michelle and Hui Jun are lucky to have you as their understanding and loving parents-in-law!

We love you both. May every moment you cherish together, dreams you've seen come true, help make this special occasion a happy one for you. Happy Anniversary!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Counting Ang Pao $$$

On Chap Goh Meh this year, my kids were not interested to see how big the moon was. They're more eager to see how much ang pao money they've obtained.
I notice they're more calculative nowadays. The girls insisted their brother had one ang pao less than them, hence should not have equal share of the money.
Tian Zi's task is to DOUBLE CHECK on the empty ang pao. She was thrilled to find a RM5 note inside one of them!

Total amount divided by 3, not forgetting to minus RM10 from the brother's share.
I told them to keep the money in bank. It'll go into their education fund (and not my pocket).