Sunday, March 28, 2010

A not so De-light-ful Earth Hour??

I must admit yesterday we did not have a de-light-ful Earth Hour in our neighborhood as most of the houses still had the lights on. A year ago, many neighbors turned off the lights, one couple was seen having candle light dinner at home, and some even held a party in the club house!

Even so, I told my kids to observe Earth Hour again and I'm glad they obediently did so. I know this little action could not really save our earth, but I wanted to create the awareness among them as they still have the bad habit of leaving the fan and lights on sometimes.
After walking around the neighbourhood, the girls went cycling while my son took photos to record the moments.
Photo taken from the clubhouse tower. Most houses still had lights on.

Shadow play...can you see a dog and a snail? (All 3 photos were taken by my son. His photography skill is improving!)

Later, the kids complained that they're sweating and feeling itchy. I was worried about mosquito bite (a lot of dengue cases nowadays) and hence decided to turn on a light and a fan. Although we failed to observe for a full hour, I hope at least my kids managed to learn something meaningful from this little exercise.


Sunny-Cookie said...

Yes, it's a shame not many people participated even though Earth Hour was widely publicised in the media. BTW,I like your play on words :D

pakmat said...

..let's just say she is getting better at it..:)cheers..

cloudlee said...

Yuin Ting,其实根据WWF官员表示熄灯一小时重点非省电,而是唤醒大家关注气候、环保。

薰衣草夫人 said...


YuinTing Chin said...

Hi Sunny-Cookie, the people's passion is cooling off, that's why the earth is getting warmer and warmer...

Hi Pakmat, wish that I can one day write as good as you (quite impossible). You're such an eloquent storyteller and writer! Really enjoy reading your blog :-)

Cloudlee 及夫人, 我們真的要每時每刻以行動來愛護我們的地球。