Sunday, April 4, 2010

The giant & the empty nest

The 2 birds that built a nest in my backyard produced 2 offsprings a few weeks ago. I enjoyed seeing the mother bird bringing food to her babies. I felt so happy to hear them singing and chirping in the mornings.

A few days ago my hubby got very curious and wanted to take a closer look inside the nest. Upon seeing that "giant", the frightened baby bird swooped out of the nest immediately. Unfortunately it fell into a water feature nearby (poor little thing, must be its first flight) .

The guilty "giant" quickly picked it up to put on his palm. Feeling insecure, it flapped its wing and flew away. It then perched on our neighbour's air con compressor and refused to "come home". Since that incident, the family abandoned the nest and was never seen again.

How I miss my feathered friends. I hope they're safe out there and wish they will pay us a visit some day. Oh yes...and the giant promised to respect their privacy if they were to come back again...


Sunny-Cookie said...

Don't worry, since you have an empty nest another pair of birds will be coming to use it and start a family. The nest in my garden has been used over and over by different families :)

My story said...

My house also has the same visitor two years ago, my hubby had recorded all the sweet memory in our discovery channel, "facebook" !!!

YuinTing Chin said...

Hi Sunny-Cookie, I really wish that nest will be fully utilized by other families :-)

Hi S. Wan, how nice that he recorded those sweet memories. We're lucky to have those visitors!

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Yuin Ting Ching, I guess the baby bird got the fright of its new life.
Right now beside my car on top of a pine tree, just about 8 feet high up, there's a mother Dove in her small nest waiting to hatch her eggs.

I think this the same mother as she was here last Spring too. Had 2 babies, both flown away.
Everyday I look up to try hear the first chirping sounds, guess not yet, still quiet.
And below the tree a big Lilac plant about to leave then bloom, and for a month, I will get fresh lilac smells.

You have a nice day, keep well, Lee.

YuinTing said...

Hi Uncle Lee, your description of the birds and the Lilac plant makes me feel that your house has very good "feng sui" :-)

I'm glad to tell you that a few days ago a mother bird went inside that empty nest to lay eggs. Sometime it will stay there for hours, I guess she's waiting to hatch her eggs! And what a coincident! It's the SAME TYPE OF BIRD like the previous one! However, I don't think it is the same mother... unless she's so productive.