Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The "Crystal Cabin"

cool air...
cool view...
ready to levitate?
...or fly??!!!

My family visited Hong Kong a few months ago and I finally got the photos from my sister-in-law on our Ngong Ping cable car ride. It's truly fun!

I extracted the following from its official website:
Equipped with a glass bottom, the all new Ngong Ping 360 Crystal Cabin is designed to feast your eyes with an astonishing bird's eye view. Feel the magic of the boundless sea and the rolling grassland slopes right underneath your feet. The new perspective allows you to look at an extraordinarily uncluttered scenery, as if you are flying on your own. Such an amazing experience will undoubtedly spice up your Ngong Ping Cable Car journey."

Friday, June 25, 2010

My little girl's wish

It takes me less than 5 minutes to reach my office everyday. At times, I'd walk to the office since is just right outside the housing area I stay.

In the morning, I will join my neighbors for an hour of exercise before having breakfast with my youngest daughter. Sometimes after the exercise, my neighbors and I will be having "picnic" at the park with their delicious cooking & I'll skip my breakfast at home.

In the afternoon, I'll go home for my maid's home cook food. Depends on the workload, sometimes I will be able to meet my youngest daughter before her transporter sends her to school. Usually my 2 elder kids will be home before I go back to the office and they'll eagerly tell me what happen in school...

Knowing my schedule, at times my youngest daughter would call and tell me how much she miss me and wanted me to be home earlier for lunch. Once she said,"it's so unfair, ko ko & cieh cieh can see you during lunch time everyday..."

A few weeks ago I spotted something sweet she wrote on the whiteboard.

"wake up early, hug mom and dad, ask them if they can eat lunch early, if they can, kiss them then go to school."

I'm sure a lunch that comes with my daughter's kisses will surely be the best meal ever!

I'll try my best to be home earlier.. I promise.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Kids speak from their hearts

A few days ago, I brought my 8-year old daughter to the office and let her do art and craft in the meeting room. She picked up the call instantly when one of the codeless phone rang (she didn't realise that's not a house phone).

When she put down the phone, I asked her who the caller was. She said someone (must be a client) was looking for her dad.

"So...what did you say?" I asked worrily.
"I told her papa is sleeping,"she answered innocently.
"So what did that person say?"
"She said never mind..."she smile and replied.

Oopssss......what an honest little receptionist!

In her exercise book, she made a sentence using the word -"computer":

"My father likes to buy computer, and he's spent quite a lot of money on it."
As if she's afraid her teacher may not believe what she wrote, she added (真的)(IT'S TRUE)

In her test paper, she got the synonyms wrong.

The correct answer should be 快樂 = 愉快 (synonyms for HAPPY)
Her answer : 快樂 = (HAPPY = PLAY)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Nyonya Poh Piah & Celebration

On the 28 of May, we'd a family gathering to celebrate my daughter & niece's birthdays in advance (Mom & dad flew to Bali with my youngest brother's family on the following day)
Lots of cutting and slicing...
My sister-in-law...the capable cook who initiated the gathering at her place.
I'm just a helper...
It's a big portion and we need a strong man to scoop and transfer the cooked ingredients into a pot.
Savoring the poh piah...it's so yummy!
I hope mom and dad can come to KL more often.

The 2 birthday girls surrounded by their beloved cousins.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Gifts of love...

A day before my daughter's birthday, I came across www.photofunia.com - a website to customise photo easily. It suddenly gave me an idea to give her a sweet birthday surprise.

I'm so glad to see her smile...she's been coughing badly for days.
"A special book for someone special" ...

I decided to enhance the layout with some meaningful quotes. And in between the special pages are blank paper for her to write.
"Be like a postage stamp. Stick to one thing until you get there."

"Painting is just another way of keeping a diary."

"A true portrait should, today and a hundred years from today, the Testimony of how this person looked and what kind of human being she was." - Philippe Halsman

You do not need designer clothes. It’s your character that will impress others.

Smile is girl’s best cosmetic.

Happy Birthday To You. May your days be filled with sunshine and happiness.

Kakak Yuni also gave her a surprise that brought tears to her eyes. It came with warm birthday greetings and a RM10 note.

Her younger sister used her own pocket money to give her something she's been longing for.. .her first ever nail polish. Why girls grow up so fast nowadays? (Even so, I only allow her to use it during school holiday)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Wedding anniversary & birthday

1st of June was my 15th wedding anniversary but my hubby & 2 elder kids were sick. No romantic candle light dinner for the couple who have gone through 2 rounds of 7th-year itch (if there's any....ha!ha!)

2nd of June was Tian Huey's birthday (11 years ago I went through a cascerian section to bring her to this world), but she's still having fever and cough. No birthday celebration for my beloved daughter either...

I told them, "being a wife is much easier than being a mother."

Even so, with my 3 wonderful kids and a loving hubby around me, everyday is a celebration :-)

Love is FLUID... flowing swiftly, overcoming barriers.
I'm FILLED with love, and I want to POUR OUT my affection by telling them how much I love them... each and every day.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Mother's Day Cards from my kids

An A3 size card from TH...

An A3 size card from TZ... (with her elder sister's help)
A screen snapshot from TJ Xbox game...

YES! I am a HAPPY MOM of 3!