Sunday, June 6, 2010

Wedding anniversary & birthday

1st of June was my 15th wedding anniversary but my hubby & 2 elder kids were sick. No romantic candle light dinner for the couple who have gone through 2 rounds of 7th-year itch (if there's any....ha!ha!)

2nd of June was Tian Huey's birthday (11 years ago I went through a cascerian section to bring her to this world), but she's still having fever and cough. No birthday celebration for my beloved daughter either...

I told them, "being a wife is much easier than being a mother."

Even so, with my 3 wonderful kids and a loving hubby around me, everyday is a celebration :-)

Love is FLUID... flowing swiftly, overcoming barriers.
I'm FILLED with love, and I want to POUR OUT my affection by telling them how much I love them... each and every day.

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