Sunday, August 17, 2014

Son, you should be glad you did not drop Chinese subject!

In Jan 2013, I wrote about my son who got a D for his Chinese subject in PMR had requested to drop  his SPM Chinese subject, and I notice it was viewed by quite many people - "Mom, my friends are going to drop Chinese subject!"

At that time, I mentioned :

I have decided to let him take up the ICGSE Chinese subject (which seems to be less tough as compared to SPM Chinese). He will sit for tuition to prepare himself for it. It seems to be a good compromise, in which he will get a SPM cert plus a ICGSE Chinese subject cert. He agreed on it.

Perhaps some may be curious whether was he able to sustain?

Since he was in form four last year, I let him take private tuition for Chinese subject once a week. I am glad he sat for the ICGSE exam for Chinese as the First Language a few months ago (there is another paper which is Chinese as the Foreign Language that is way too easy and I did not allow him to sit for that).

Yesterday, I collected his result and he got a B (78 marks)!

By comparing what he got for his PMR, I could see the improvement. Of course I must say that certain parts of the PMR Chinese subject are much harder than this ICGSE paper for him, especially the former has 文言文 and 明句精华。In short, more memorisation for PMR Chinese subject.

I am glad he has accomplished the mission - Continued to learn Chinese subject until form 5, besides  obtaining an extra certificate for himself.

As for my daughter whom is in form 3 now, she is facing more challenges because PT3 Chinese Subject requires even more memorisation (She does not have a strong foundation and it is tough for her)

I have decided to let her follow her brother's step by dropping SPM Chinese, but continue to learn Chinese subject through private tuition and will sit for ICGSE Chinese subject.

End of the day, I want my kids to embrace this beautiful language and I am very sure when they grow up, they will appreciate it and benefit from it.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

The men whom have coloured my life

There are 3 art files on the bookshelf that are very precious to me. 

When I was in the secondary school, my dad would buy me issues of "The Art of Drawing and Painting" each week, and I managed to collect 72 issues! 

My dad supported my hobby not only through buying me art stuff, but also constantly sending my paintings for framing. He even handmade a wooden palette for me!

My dad has given me a wonderful and colourful childhood, and that carries into my adulthood...he has coloured my life with his love!

This Rowney watercolour set was a gift from my boyfriend about 20 years ago. 

That boyfriend of mine became the father of my children, so I used that watercolour set to paint our 3 children's portraits.

Our elder girl who was once punished by me for doodling on the wall when she was a toddler, has grown up to be an art lover, so I passed that gift to her.

It is pretty amazing how lasting that watercolour set is! (It was also because I treasured it very much and used it sparingly all these while)

Through it, I've witnessed how a wonderful man has coloured the life of his girlfriend, wife and daughter.

I am thankful to have these 2 wonderful men in my life.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Happy One Year "Maidless" Anniversary!

This month marks my family's One Year Maidless Anniversary.

To celebrate this small "victory" of me surviving a year without a maid yet didn't go mad (in fact living happier with new found freedom & decided to make it a lifestyle choice), I designed a simple infographic to record how the gadgets and machines have replaced my maid (of course I have to acknowledge the contribution from my hubby & kids + part time domestic helpers who come in once a week)

I am so thankful for technologies. My hubby calls it "Automaidtion".

Long life all great inventors out there!!! guess I can live longer too)

In fact, in order to fit the dishwasher into my kitchen, my hubby and I decided to renovate the kitchen and utilize the extra 5 feet of land. Some may thought we were crazy because there's no maid to help cleaning up the house during the renovation period.

My old kitchen.. or maid's kitchen
Somehow it is a blessing in disguise that my ex-maid cheated on me and never returned from the Philippines.

Times flies...those days of playing "MASAK-MASAK" are over and now my kids are cooking REAL food. Last time the maid refused to let them "buat kacau" inside her kitchen. Now I give them total freedom to cook & experiment with food. In life, what's more important is passion and the willingness to try.
We got crazier... in the middle of the kitchen renovation, we decided to renovate the maid room cum piano room as well. Below was the result...

Instead of paying thousands to custom made a book shelf, we used back our old white Billy bookcase from Ikea 
and added some new ones. It saves us lots of money :-)

I somehow thank my ex-maid for not coming back... it is a Blessing In Disguise indeed. If not we would not have the chance to enjoy what we are enjoying now. 

Nothing is better than being self-reliant and not having a stranger at home.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

So near yet so far...

Once a senior couple told me that their daughter who migrated to Australia was uncontactable for 2 weeks.They were worried sick & constantly feared for her safety. When they finally got hold of her, their adult daughter told them she was too tied up with her work. 

I remember when I was having a family vacation in Bali a few years ago, I received a surprise call from my dad and he simply asked me how's my holiday and I said it was great. Only later I realised he saw the news about earthquake in Bali. I feel bad to know that while I was having a great time, he was in fact worrying the whole time.

Being parents, we don't have a radar to monitor our children's every move (they can decide to keep their phones in silent mode). But it is the children's responsibility to be contactable at all time, for parent's peace of mind.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Being young & sentimental (in the era of typewriter)

Year 1990...when I was young & the era of typewriter.

Pre Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator & InDesign. 
Post a broken relationship.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Watercolour Portrait of My Little Girl

I did watercolour portraits of my son & daughter in 1999 & 2001 respectively, when both were 2 years old. The portraits were framed next to photos taken by their daddy (really have to thank my dear hubby for capturing countless beautiful moments throughout the years). 



Allocated a space for my youngest daughter's portrait but it is still empty

My elder kids' friends noticed the portraits on the wall. Some even asked them: "Why there's no portrait of your little sister?"

Well...I was really guilty as I kept telling my little girl that I would do one for her too. But the longer I delayed, the less confident I became since I hardly paint nowadays. 

However, last weekend I decided to pick up my paintbrush again for this long overdue project...

 It took me 3 days to work on it...including tracing & sketching to study her features

And I am truly glad that I have finally fulfilled my promise to my little girl!!! 

My hubby bought me this Rowney watercolour set from UK before we got married. Unbelievable that it is still in such a good condition!

Can't believe 12 years have passed since I last painted my children's portrait! How time flies and my 3 kids are growing up right before my eyes!!!

These portraits will be given to them on their wedding days.
It is a gift of love for them to treasure & cherish for a long long time.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Friends Forever

During our CNY 2013 old friends gathering, these 3 cool boys were game enough to retake a childhood photo (maybe after seeing their daddies and mommies crazily happy retaking some old photos too)

Too bad we couldn't find the same brand of packet drink, if not we parents may be able to make a small fortune by selling the images to that beverage company with a tagline "Smart kids grow up with (brand name)"

Hey, or perhaps we can sell it to its competitors with another tagline "Smart (& rebellious) teenagers know what is best for themselves"

How time flies! Glad to see these boys growing into fine young men. Very soon they will be in college. As they're growing up, we're growing old. Nothing is more important than to treasure the time together.

My BFF since primary school. It sure takes a long time to grow an old friend who knows the song in my heart and sings back to me when i have forgotten the words.

We share the same wish ... we hope that our precious friendship will carry on to the next generation...and the next...and the next...

That's our definition of FRIENDS FOREVER.