Saturday, November 22, 2014

Her Poem, My Art

When I was a teenager, I loved to draw based on inspiration derived from song lyrics. Never knew that one day I would pick up my paint brush and pen because of my 15 year-old daughter's poem.

Life is simply beautiful and full of sweet surprises. It is more than what we expect.

Nobody ever gave her a second look.
with lips a pale pink;
plain green eyes,
dull brown hair piled atop her head,
who would?
she was always bundled up
in her sweaters and knits,
she always had
her nose in a book.
Her glasses fell to the tip of her nose
As from her coffee a sip she took.
But if you took a second glance you'll see
that her hair is of a rich mahogany.
Her eyes filled with fire and passion, an emerald green.
her lips moving as she blissfully recites a passage,
the string of words she uses so eloquently
only entices you so wholly.
When she stands up straight you'll see,
she imposes the regal posture of a queen.
As her long tapered fingers flips a page of a book
or tinkles the ivory and ebony keys,
you'd realise she's so much more than it seems.

I intentionally added her hipster glasses, fashion bag and a cup of her favourite Starbucks Coffee.

And below were what she wrote when she was very young...

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