Friday, November 21, 2014

My little girl's graduation day!

Today is a memorable day!
My little girl has graduated from primary school!

How time flies. I'm glad i recorded her 1st day in Kndie and primary school.

2 Jan 2007 (1st day in Kindie): 
She was very cheerful and received lots of praises from other parents. One parent commented that she was the happiest student in the class. Everything was fine until she went to toilet and wet her underwear. She started crying. Her teacher gave her another pant to wear and I was told that she eventually calmed down. But on the 2nd day, she started to cry and yell early in the morning: “I want Kakak to stay with me...”, “I want mommy to stay there for so long...”, “I want to stay at home...I don’t want to go to school...” She experienced separation anxiety and we suffered with her for a few weeks.

5 Jan 2009 (1st day of Primary School):
She was very "manja". With teary eyes, she complained that the hall was hot and stuffy. We pulled her out to get some fresh air and her daddy offered to let her "play" with his Blackberry. I stopped him because she was in the school! During recess, we brought her elder sister to school to give her some "Canteen Survival Training".
Fortunately she is not spoiled & pampered. Today, she is cool, independent, disciplined and confident and ready to embrace her secondary school life in 2015!

Well done my girl!
And congratulations on your "graduation"!

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