Monday, November 17, 2014

Birthday wishes for a loving dad

On my hubby's birthday in November,

My son wrote a simple poem & whatsapped him:

To all the deeds you've done,
To all the times we had fun,
Here's wishing you happy birthday,
We'll love you even when you're old and grey.

My elder daughter emailed a poem to him:
I really love this poem written by her. It sums up his dad's character so well.

You don’t seem
Like a sentimental person,
So I’ll hold that in esteem.
I admire
Your quiet strength
Your unyielding patience,
You really are supreme.
I appreciate
The way you keep up
With my favourite foods
Til’ the point it’s extreme.
I’m amazed
By the person you are,
You deserve only the highest praise.
With pride I beam.
Happy birthday dad,
I love you.

My youngest daughter made a card for him:
She drew 2 red eggs on a plate and a bowl of mee sua on the card cover.

As for me, I cooked him a bowl of his favourite Mee Sua (his sweet childhood memory, in which every birthday his mother would cook him a bowl of mee sua with boiled egg)

We love him!

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