Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Happy Thirty Eleven to me!

e card from Tian Zi

e card from Tian Huey

e card from Tian Juin

This year, I can accept my age better (even though i still prefer to be a thirty something...)

Besides receiving sms from relatives and friends, I'm so glad to receive birthday greetings from my 3 kids this morning.

To my dear children, seeing all of you grow up healthily and happily will forever be my best birthday gifts, year after year. I love you all!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My paintings, My happiness

I took some photos of my old paintings in my childhood home recently. These are paintings I did before 1993.
When I was painting these snake charmers, it didn't cross my mind that one day I will have a son who's so crazy about snake (he once said he wanted to rear snake as pet)
When I was painting this picture in 1992... it didn't cross my mind that many years later that's how my Indonesian maid would carry my young children.
When I was painting this picture in the late 80s, I didn't know that the yellow color market would be demolished & become a history of Jalan Abdullah.
I once thought I would become a fashion designer.
I am fortunate to have parents who encourage my hobby and willing to spend money framing up those paintings of mine.
I was even allowed to draw on the wall!

I thank my parents for giving me such a precious gift, and so much freedom to express myself through art!!!

Friday, December 18, 2009

The RM5 "Mona Lisa" Family

Daddy the "Mana Lisa" ...
Mommy the "Mama Lisa"...

Tian Huey the Mona Lisa...
Tian Zi the Mona Lisa...

We paid RM5 each to get transformed into Mona Lisa at the Leonardo Da Vincci exhibition. However, TJ refused to join in the fun (My boy is concerned about what his friends will say about him)

SMILE, Life is Fun!!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Science Is Fun!

We went to Pusat Sains Negara in Mon't Kiara on last sunday for Leonardo Da Vincci exhibition.
Before going into the exhibition hall, the kids did some experiment.
Who wants to be the next Nobel Laureate?
Funny reflections from those concave and convex mirrors.
Cute Chibi?
Happy dwarf!
Make sure it's a mysterious instead of a mischievous smile...
It only costs RM5 to get a personalised Mona Lisa smile!
...bursting into laughter when seeing "Tian Huey the Mona Lisa" on photo.

I must say that the Leonardo Da Vincci exhibition is amazingly good. Thanks to our Pusat Sains Negara for bringing in such a great and inspiring exhibition.

Too bad we're not allowed to take photo inside the exhibition hall. To know more about it, do log on to http://davincithegenius.wordpress.com/

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

X'mas Is Coming!

Every year, I'll let the kids draw lots to see who is the lucky one to light up the christmas tree in my office.

Playing with the nutcrackers.
Making paper snowflakes.
Pointing at their artwork...

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Mini Concert

My daughter's school has a small performance hall (they have a main hall too).
Tian Huey played the clarinet...

Every friday after school Tian Huey will have band practice. (the conductor is their music teacher too)

A secondary school band was invited to perform in this concert too. My kids are fortunate to have a very good headmaster who emphasizes a lot on extra curricular activities.
How thoughtful! After the performance, each of the band members handed roses to their parents while the M.C. was saying "...the children wish to thank their parents for their support and encouragement. By allowing the kids to stay in school for band practice on every friday afternoon made this concert possible..."

** I must admit that a year ago I nearly wanted to talk her out of joining because I was lazy to fetch her from school on every friday afternoon. I'm glad my daughter insisted!

Friday, December 4, 2009

The Chosen Path (Public vs Private School)

Yesterday when my son overheard me saying "I'll burn the bridge and move on...", he commented that it sounded too serious (I decided to reject the Private School for the second time, and opt for Public Secondary School)

It's not an easy decision and we've been struggling over a year on that matter. Either school has its pros and cons and I nearly wanted to flip a coin to end my headache.

When I was about to decide on the private school, my son gave the following remarks:
"I prefer that public school, it feels more cosy like my primary school. You know, that primary school is like my second home."
"I wish to be with my old classmates." (a few of them will be in the same public school but I'm not sure how many will opt to be transfered to another more "famous" or "popular" public school)

Private School
+Small class of 28 students
+Good facilities
+English speaking environment
+Teacher quality is generally better (but there's turnover problem)
+A wide variety of extra curricular activities
- No streamlining. (do not put students with good result in the same class)
- Worried of bad influence from those very rich & spoilt kids

** What disappoints me is that yesterday I was told to pay the registration fees the second time just because I've paid but rejected the first offer about 2 months ago! It's non-negotiable... not even a single cent of discount! So money minded!

Public School
+So happen the one my son's sent to is very small, thus teacher can pay more attention to each student (small class of about 30 students)
+ Can stick with his primary friends
+ With his UPSR result, he'll be in the good class
+ Can get to know more friends of other race as compared to private school
- Cannot expect all teachers to be good
- Not many extra curricular activities as the school is small

What I told my son ...
"We've made our final decision and let's make the best out of it."
"Make friends with those who will give you positive influence and do help each other to grow."
"Study hard and you can excel in any school you go to!"
"Oh yes... I'll join the PIBG !!"

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Twice On The Crossroad


1) My son got a place in a private school a few months ago but I turned down the offer (after paying RM400 registration fees), thinking that he will be able to enter the public school of my choice (I used an address a stone throw away from that school). I prefer that school just because I heard that the discipline there is "not too bad".

2) Few weeks before UPSR result, got the news that he's placed in another public school which I've never heard of! I instantly called that private school again but was told that there's no more vacancy. I reapplied and was put on the waiting list.

3) 10 minutes ago I received a call from that private school informing me that my son's application was accepted. Now I'm twice on the crossroad...

My hubby and I have been struggling for a year... we just couldn't decide whether to send our son to a public school or private secondary school. Now I'm given until this friday to decide again ... and pay.


Saturday, November 28, 2009

Visit to a welfare home

Last Sunday, my family followed some Christian friends to visit a Children & Adult Welfare Home in Kepong. As compared to a shelter home we visited 2 years ago (coincidentally, also with a group of christian friends even though we're buddhist), this welfare home is much smaller. It's run by an indian couple since 1998 - the husband owns a textile factory and acts as the warden of this home, and the wife cooks and drives the kids to school everyday. So far, all funds come from the couple and the public.
Most of the boys attend Tamil school. They're paying full attention when the indian lady was sharing with them in Tamil. I could see they're infected by her zeal. Most of them are not orphans but with single mothers who could not take care of them.
I can see some very bright children there. I hope they can have good education and have faith in their dreams.
Singing time... I'm glad my son took the initiative to help the kids with the lyrics. (My boy has grown up a little)
Time for some refreshments.
Love is colour blind. It will be wonderful if one day my family can join a soup kitchen with all 3 races involved (without political color). Hand in hand, the world can be a better place...

Some adults joined in during the photo session. Many of them had conjunctivitis which we're not aware of prior to our visit.

*** A few days after our visit, my hubby & I plus my youngest daughter had conjunctivitis too. Now I realize how contagious this disease is. Even so, we've no regret to visit them and looking on the bright side, Love is as contagious too!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

How Heavy Is the UPSR exam?

My son got his UPSR result recently. I did not expect much due to the following reasons:
He didn't attend any other tuition class except BM.
He said "penulisan" paper was tough.
He complained that Chinese subject was difficult (he wished he did not need to study chinese subject)
He said he should have opted to answer Science paper in English instead of Chinese.
He spent lots of his free time reading story books and not school text books/workbooks.
He was busy preparing for his Robotic competition during UPSR exam week.

Better than what I've expected, he got 6A and 1B (Chinese comprehension).

Yesterday, I was cleaning up his room and ready to throw away all his Standard 6 workbooks & worksheet from school + BM tuition, to my surprise... it weight up to a whopping 50 pounds... excluding text books! (Being a good class student, he's loaded with lots of school work)

I'm sure for those who've attended more tuition classes, the burden would be much heavier. I wonder how "heavy" is the mental stress. Poor kids.

Looking back, I'm glad he's spared from those tuition classes and gained more time to enjoy his childhood. At least, he got more time to daydream :-)