Friday, December 4, 2009

The Chosen Path (Public vs Private School)

Yesterday when my son overheard me saying "I'll burn the bridge and move on...", he commented that it sounded too serious (I decided to reject the Private School for the second time, and opt for Public Secondary School)

It's not an easy decision and we've been struggling over a year on that matter. Either school has its pros and cons and I nearly wanted to flip a coin to end my headache.

When I was about to decide on the private school, my son gave the following remarks:
"I prefer that public school, it feels more cosy like my primary school. You know, that primary school is like my second home."
"I wish to be with my old classmates." (a few of them will be in the same public school but I'm not sure how many will opt to be transfered to another more "famous" or "popular" public school)

Private School
+Small class of 28 students
+Good facilities
+English speaking environment
+Teacher quality is generally better (but there's turnover problem)
+A wide variety of extra curricular activities
- No streamlining. (do not put students with good result in the same class)
- Worried of bad influence from those very rich & spoilt kids

** What disappoints me is that yesterday I was told to pay the registration fees the second time just because I've paid but rejected the first offer about 2 months ago! It's non-negotiable... not even a single cent of discount! So money minded!

Public School
+So happen the one my son's sent to is very small, thus teacher can pay more attention to each student (small class of about 30 students)
+ Can stick with his primary friends
+ With his UPSR result, he'll be in the good class
+ Can get to know more friends of other race as compared to private school
- Cannot expect all teachers to be good
- Not many extra curricular activities as the school is small

What I told my son ...
"We've made our final decision and let's make the best out of it."
"Make friends with those who will give you positive influence and do help each other to grow."
"Study hard and you can excel in any school you go to!"
"Oh yes... I'll join the PIBG !!"


Sunny-Cookie said...

Yes, go with the school he feels comfortable in. I had 3 years of headache & heartache dealing with my teenager when I transferred him to a good school halfway through Form 1 and he couldn't adapt to the new place.

YuinTing Chin said...

Thanks for sharing, Sunny-Cookie. I hope my son will make the best out of it. It's really not easy to be parents. We want to give our kids the best education, and we want them to be happy. I'm sure they'll fully understand us one day.