Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Special candles for halloween

Setting the halloween mood with fake spider web, spiders, flickering candles etc

I truly love this set of Philip LED candles that my hubby bought for me recently! It comes with six light base and six frosted glass holders. It has the soft glow that instantly enhances the mood of the surroundings, be it a romantic, soothing or spooky one.

The frosted glass holder looks beautiful. Even so, I can freely place the light base inside any other candleholders.

The recharger - It claims to provide up to 6 hours of continuous light.
There’s no wax spillage and it is smoke free. Best of all, there’s no fire disaster!

Now if only I can just clap to “blow off” the candles ...

Sunday, October 28, 2012

DIY Halloween lantern & silhouette

I bought 2 white paper lanterns from Daiso (RM 5 each), and turned 
both into Jack-o'-Lantern and Frankenstein lantern. 

I am going to transform the pictures inside the vertical frame...

Now the 2 frames at both sides of the big mirror in my dining room are graced with silhouette set of halloween characters!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

DIY & transforming old t-shirts

My daughter couldn't get enough after making the horror t-shirt.

She got a few more ideas from the internet, and so I gave her my approval to cut and DIY another 2 old t-shirts.

She cut the bottom of the t-shirt to make a crop top.

 I simply love the weave pattern. She has completely transformed my old t-shirt!!!

Cutting slits

Adding lace

She has transformed an ordinary looking t-shirt into an extraordinary one! And it matches very well with the stripy piece inside.

This is my girl who couldn't resist to doodle on the wall when she was a toddler. How I love her and how I admire her creativity!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Self made horror T-shirt

A few days ago my daughter asked for my approval to cut a t-shirt she bought quite some time ago.

Initially I said NO because it would be such as waste to cut and damage a new t-shirt.

However, after she explained what she was going to do with it, I gave her the green light...quite reluctantly.

I didn't take a photo of that actual T-shirt before it was cut by her. But the back of it looked exactly like the one she's holding in the photo above.

The front portion was printed with a skull pattern.

The transformation...

She cut the collar bigger, and cut out the seam of the 2 sleeves.
She even cut the T-shirt shorter!
She then put on a black spaghetti shirt inside.

And the best part is...

She has turned the back portion into something truly special!
(She used pencil to draw a skull face before cutting and transforming it)

I like the way the black spaghetti shirt exposes a little bit of skin area on the 2 "eye sockets". It proves that the pattern was cut out and not a printed one!

What a brilliant idea! 

She asked, "Mom, can I cut another t-shirt now?"

Monday, October 8, 2012

Halloween Is Infectious!

Photos taken during the last halloween. My mischievious little niece was having a great time with her parents. I'm going to miss them a lot after they leave for Australia at the end of this year.