Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Happy Thirty Eleven to me!

e card from Tian Zi

e card from Tian Huey

e card from Tian Juin

This year, I can accept my age better (even though i still prefer to be a thirty something...)

Besides receiving sms from relatives and friends, I'm so glad to receive birthday greetings from my 3 kids this morning.

To my dear children, seeing all of you grow up healthily and happily will forever be my best birthday gifts, year after year. I love you all!


天天天蓝 said...

Happy Birthday to you!

杨 霓 said...

Selamat Hari Jadi..
chu ka ha mi da (韩语)

cityding said...

Happy birthday, YuinTing!
(By the way, age is just a number)

pakmat said...

..your birthday, hey? and it is 30 eleven, huh?..:) wow..then allow pakmat to wish you selamat hari lahir 20 twenty-one..and may you forever be surrounded with love and happiness..may your heart be filled with a smile and a cheer..and may you paint that masterpiece with your life, hang it on the wall, and looked back one day, and say..I've done it all..cheers and happy new year..

薰衣草夫人 said...


YuinTing Chin said...

天天天藍, 謝謝妳。祝妳一家新年快了, 和和&樂樂快高長大!

霓,Thank you... Komawoyo (韩语)。其實和妳一樣,我也很迷張東建 , 嘻。祝妳一家新年快了!

Mr cityding, thank you and Happy New Year!. I will listen to your advice... age is just a number. (the bigger the number, the wiser I should become)

Pakmat, terima kasih and Happy New Year! I LIKE THAT "20 twenty-one". A few hours from now (when 2010 arrives), I'll be 21 twenty-one... isn't that wonderful? One of my new year resolutions is --- start painting again :-)

夫人, 謝謝您。 也祝您一家新年快樂 (今年您兒子回國與您共渡新年,一定很開心吧)

Sunny-Cookie said...

Someone once said, "Age is strictly a case of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter." Happy Birthday!!

YuinTing Chin said...

Nice one. Thanks, Sunny-Cookie.