Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Twice On The Crossroad


1) My son got a place in a private school a few months ago but I turned down the offer (after paying RM400 registration fees), thinking that he will be able to enter the public school of my choice (I used an address a stone throw away from that school). I prefer that school just because I heard that the discipline there is "not too bad".

2) Few weeks before UPSR result, got the news that he's placed in another public school which I've never heard of! I instantly called that private school again but was told that there's no more vacancy. I reapplied and was put on the waiting list.

3) 10 minutes ago I received a call from that private school informing me that my son's application was accepted. Now I'm twice on the crossroad...

My hubby and I have been struggling for a year... we just couldn't decide whether to send our son to a public school or private secondary school. Now I'm given until this friday to decide again ... and pay.



My story said...

Which private school?

pakmat said... you asked this old man, I'd say send him to the public school..he's an intelligent kid..didn't he scored 6 As?..we have this saying in throw a good seed anywhere, it becomes an island..maybe a continent..:) and he's one good seed..try listing out the diff between private and it worth it?..

YuinTing Chin said...

Hi My story, well...a very money-minded one :-)

Hi Pakmat, thank you very much for your advice. I've made my decision to send him to a public school. Not long ago you told me "You don't marry the right person, but made the person you marry right." Now shall I modify it and tell my son "you don't choose the right school but made the school you choose right". Ha! Ha!