Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Science Is Fun!

We went to Pusat Sains Negara in Mon't Kiara on last sunday for Leonardo Da Vincci exhibition.
Before going into the exhibition hall, the kids did some experiment.
Who wants to be the next Nobel Laureate?
Funny reflections from those concave and convex mirrors.
Cute Chibi?
Happy dwarf!
Make sure it's a mysterious instead of a mischievous smile...
It only costs RM5 to get a personalised Mona Lisa smile!
...bursting into laughter when seeing "Tian Huey the Mona Lisa" on photo.

I must say that the Leonardo Da Vincci exhibition is amazingly good. Thanks to our Pusat Sains Negara for bringing in such a great and inspiring exhibition.

Too bad we're not allowed to take photo inside the exhibition hall. To know more about it, do log on to http://davincithegenius.wordpress.com/


cityding said...

Quite interesting, science + art!

杨 霓 said...



YuinTing Chin said...

Mr Cityding, before that, I had limited knowledge on Leonardo Da Vincci. After seeing his invention, now I realize he was truly one of the great masters of all time.

霓: 假期時KLCC人特別多,但Mont' Kiara這Pusat Sains Negara 人潮不是很多。我已經好幾年沒帶孩子去新加坡的科學館了,那兒真的是一流,很多东西看及玩。It's time to go again :-)

Kai-Jin said...

been thinking to go to the exhibition. My hubby would love it! Hope KJ will have as much fun as your kids! :)

YuinTing Chin said...

Hi Pei Pei, it's worth going. KJ may be too young to understand those design concepts, but he can play with a lot of the exhibits there. Oh yes, there's also an area in the science centre for little toddlers.