Sunday, August 17, 2014

Son, you should be glad you did not drop Chinese subject!

In Jan 2013, I wrote about my son who got a D for his Chinese subject in PMR had requested to drop  his SPM Chinese subject, and I notice it was viewed by quite many people - "Mom, my friends are going to drop Chinese subject!"

At that time, I mentioned :

I have decided to let him take up the ICGSE Chinese subject (which seems to be less tough as compared to SPM Chinese). He will sit for tuition to prepare himself for it. It seems to be a good compromise, in which he will get a SPM cert plus a ICGSE Chinese subject cert. He agreed on it.

Perhaps some may be curious whether was he able to sustain?

Since he was in form four last year, I let him take private tuition for Chinese subject once a week. I am glad he sat for the ICGSE exam for Chinese as the First Language a few months ago (there are another 2 papers - Chinese as the Second Language or Foreign Language but those are way too easy and I did not allow him to sit for that).

Yesterday, I collected his result and he got a B (78 marks)!

By comparing what he got for his PMR, I could see the improvement. Of course I must say that certain parts of the PMR Chinese subject are much harder than this ICGSE paper for him, especially the former has 文言文 and 明句精华。In short, more memorisation for PMR Chinese subject.

I am glad he has accomplished the mission - Continued to learn Chinese subject until form 5, besides  obtaining an extra certificate for himself.

As for my daughter whom is in form 3 now, she is facing more challenges because PT3 Chinese Subject requires even more memorisation (She does not have a strong foundation and it is tough for her)

I have decided to let her follow her brother's step by dropping SPM Chinese, but continue to learn Chinese subject through private tuition and will sit for ICGSE Chinese subject.

End of the day, I want my kids to embrace this beautiful language and I am very sure when they grow up, they will appreciate it and benefit from it.


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Well done, Juin! If you ask me to sit for PMR or SPM Chinese now, I will probably fail this subject. :D

YuinTing said...

Thanks! I told Juin what you said. I am truly glad that he accomplished this mission. I think he's pretty lucky to select the essay that he could write well. If i were not wrong the title was "世上最重要的東西" . He wrote about “愛”, and elaborated further with 父母的愛,兄弟姐妹的愛,朋友的愛。。。If i were to answer, maybe would say "健康“。Old ppl see things differenly, haha!