Wednesday, January 2, 2013

"Mom, my friends are going to drop Chinese subject!"

First of all, I would like to congratulate those who did well in the PMR examination, especially those who scored A for the Chinese subject. I have a few friends' kids who scored an A for it but not my son. He brought a Donkey home and seems to be happy about it. (he scored A in his UPSR chinese essay writing 寫作 but that was history)

When he called home to announce his result, the first sentence he said was, "Mom, I DIDN'T FAIL my Chinese!! I DIDN'T FAIL my Chinese!!!" Yes. I heard it loud and clear.

He sounded happy and I was somehow relieved too. At least there is an "extra" subject printed on his PMR result slip. 6A, 1B (history) and 1 D...

I have no regret to let him sit for the exam, although he didn't score well. Even though he hated the old chinese literature 文原文,he managed to understand all the 名句精華 (before the exam, i tested him and he knew every single meaning of it). To me, it is not just about the exam, it is for his lifetime usage, especially the moral in it. It should be part of his identity as a Chinese.

He told me last night that many of his friends are going to drop SPM Chinese subject, including those who scored a B in PMR. I feel sad about it. I can imagine how disappointed their Chinese subject teachers are. I know it is extremely challenging to be a Chinese subject teacher and I salute them for that.

My son used to complain about how his Chinese subject marks pulled down his aggregate and his position in class. I am sure many kids think alike. I remember once a friend told me her son will not  take the SPM Chinese paper in order to get a STRAIGHT As in his SPM exam, which ensures him a better chance to enter the ivy league university overseas.

So, is my son going to drop the SPM chinese? I am afraid my answer is a Yes too. I feel that it is too tough for him and will just make him "hates" the subject more. 

HOWEVER, I shall not allow him to give up on the Chinese Subject! 

I have decided to let him take up the ICGSE Chinese subject (which seems to be less tough as compared to SPM Chinese). He will sit for tuition to prepare himself for it. It seems to be a good compromise, in which he will get a SPM cert plus a ICGSE Chinese subject cert. He agreed on it.

End of the day, it is not about the certificate, but about NOT GIVING UP! We are Chinese and should try our very best to learn more about this beautiful language that comes with lots of good moral teachings. It is about not losing our identity.

I am glad my son is willing to continue to face the challenge.
I am sure one day he will thank himself for that.


Sunny-Cookie said...

I know how you feel, my daughter is sitting for her PMR this year and is dropping the Chinese subject too as she just could not cope. Some teachers are also unkind to those weak in the language instead of motivating and encouraging. My daughter was very upset that her teacher called her a 'banana' and read her essay out loud during class as an example of what a bad essay is. Anyway, I'm glad she still uses Chinese when communicating with her friends since we only speak English at home. Kudos to you for not letting your son give up the language :)

YuinTing said...

Hi Sunny-Cookie, it is unfortunate for your daughter to have a teacher who demoralized her instead of encouraging her. I feel bad for her.

My son heard from his friends that their Chinese teacher cried recently after failing to convince a group of students not to let go of Chinese Subject in form 4. How sad.

There are 2 papers for ICGSE Chinese subject. One is too easy and was taken by those who treat Chinese as a foreign language. My son will take the other paper. Hopefully he will put in more effort...Even though your daughter is not taking any exams, perhaps she can read Chinese newspaper in order not to forget what she has learned.