Monday, January 21, 2013

I see...Project IC Sabah (my cartoon)

Being someone who was born in West Malaysia, Sabah is like a "distant relative" to me. At times, I heard someone talking about all the unfortunate events that happened to her... how she was "robbed (oil & gas) & raped (virgin forest)"  in broad daylight. But I must admit I hardly care about it (I have enough "problems" here myself). Perhaps I was ignorant because I used to think she is just a distant relative and has nothing much to do with me.

But I came to realize we share the same root (of the problem)! Whatever happened to this dear relative of mine had seriously affected OUR WHOLE FAMILY! 
We shouldn't be bullied any longer. 

Enough is enough.

Please remember to vote.


Uncle Lee said...

Hi Yuin Ting, very recently a big politician from the place you mentioned was caught by US and Swiss authorities trying to bank in dirty money at a bank.
Where we are there's freedom of the press....
And we get to read of Asian, SEA politicians, or their wives spending large amounts of money overseas shopping....

As well one was caught in Australia too with a large sum of money.
People become politicians to make their pocket and into Swiss banks.
IAnd now it's banking in Singapore, no questions asked. So you can guess who make regular trips to Singapore.
Really sad see, read of the corruption going on.
Have a nice day.

YuinTing said...

Hi Lee, thansk fro dropping by.

What you said is so true.
I am very very sad and disappointed too. I really hope we can vote them out this time. They are not only cheating on the rakyat's money, they are also causing misery to the lives of many. Too bad there are still a lot of people (especially the kampung people) who are still being fooled by all these dirty tricks.

The project IC and Lynas (rare earth) projects are just so UNFORGIVABLE!!!