Wednesday, February 6, 2013

First family trip to Taiwan 台湾之旅

In November last year, we had our very first family trip to Taiwan. In the past, this country was not my preferred vacation destination. However, after being convinced by many that it is a wonderful country to visit, we finally decided to book a flight there. 

Instead of joining group tour, we opted for private tour guide cum driver (車導)for a more carefree & relaxed trip. After a few emails on itinerary and price, we were ready for the trip!

慈濟(Tzu Chi) is my favourite buddhist organization. Our tour guide cum driver purposely drove us to see a few of the Tzu Chi landmarks in 花蓮。I'm grateful to him. 感恩。

My MIL enjoyed the trip very much. She said it was very relaxing.

We are fortunate to have Peter - a good tour guide cum driver with a big and comfortable MPV. We are satisfied with all the inns/hotels recommended by his team, especially 七星海民宿 in 花蓮 (clean and nice, and within walking distance to the beach) and 川湯養生館 in 礁溪 (do bring swim wear if you want to try the hot spring)。
We spent the last 3 nights  in Taipei without Peter. We put up in Just Sleep 絲旅 - a clean, nice and modern hotel conveniently located in Ximending. We booked two rooms with 3 single beds, and the rooms are spacious enough and the beds are very clean and comfortable! There is a washing machine and ironing board (FOC) in one of the floors but I was too lazy to use it.

Another wonderful & unforgetable family trip :-)

The places we visited:

日月潭(搭船游湖)/青青草原 - 武嶺合歡山/太魯閣峽谷/砂卡礑步道/七星潭/花蓮 - 清水斷崖/南方澳/宜蘭傳統藝術中心/羅東夜市/礁溪 - 金瓜石黃金博物園區/野柳地質公園/九份 - 台北自由行 (my favourite is 故宮博物館)


Eunice Tee尤妮絲 said...

看得出你们很享受這趟旅程, 在此顺祝妳们合家新年快乐, 永远安康!

Jean said...

Thank you for sharing and wish to visit this country a day too!!

YuinTing said...

Hi Eunice, 謝謝妳。也祝你新年快樂,萬事如意。

Hi Jean, Taiwan is a nice, clean, safe and beautiful country to visit. If you need the tour guide/driver's, do let me know!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Thanks for sharing. I was just browsing and saw your wonderful trip. I am wondering Do you still have the cab driver Contact As i am gong to plan a family trip soon. I am reachable at

hengwai said...


Thanks for sharing your travel. I'm planning a family trip to Taiwan as well. Can you share with me details of the tour guide+driver and how much should I expect to pay for the services?
My email is