Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Son, I am proud of you!

I must admit I was rather worried for my son's A Level result because he did not do well in 2 papers on his 2nd Edexcel Exam. I was so happy when he told me he scored A*AA for his math, physics and chemistry paper. With his result, he has successfully secured a place for law degree in University of Bristol (all 5 universities he applied gave him conditional offer with the condition of A*AA & AAA)

Looking back, he did well on all his major exams, be it UPSR, PMR or SPM. The only paper he did not do well was PMR Mandarin in which he got a D.

However, it does not mean he has no complaint: he did question my hubby and I on the following matters:
1) why we did not send him to international school so that he can "save" one year, just like his friends.
2) why we "forced" him to continue with the mandarin tuition after PMR
3) why we "forced" him to take A level instead of Foundation
4) why we told him to take Pearson Edexcel and not Cambridge International Exams

My reasons are:
1) He showed interest in Law and I know it is good to have a cert for SPM Bahasa Malaysia if he wants to work in Malaysia one day (And I am glad he scored A for that)
2) I want my children to learn Mandarin at least until form 5. But knowing well that he could not cope with SPM Mandarin, I got him private tutor and signed him up as a private candidate for O-Level Chinese first language (And I am glad he scored 78 marks for that)
3) Even though he showed interest in Law, he somehow does not mind Engineering. So, A level is the right choice since he could not make up his mind yet during that time.
4) He could retake paper (module) for Pearson Edexcel. He scored B for 2 papers on the 2nd exam & decided to retake. He did much better on the 2nd time and that have helped him to get an A* for math!

Today, he is grateful with our decisions.
Of course, he has to thank himself too.
He is hardworking, determined and full of fighting spirit.

And I am glad he loves fencing and has learned for 5 years and took part in many competitions even though he hardly won any prizes. He loves music and completed his grade 8 piano last year even though he nearly wanted to quit when he was in secondary one. Oh ya, he loves playing guitar & jamming with his band buddies too!

Son, congratulations to you on for all your achievements (including the muscle you gained through bodybuilding). May you stay happy, healthy and passionate, and continue to work hard and persevere. 

I love you and I am proud of you.

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