Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Counting Ang Pao $$$

On Chap Goh Meh this year, my kids were not interested to see how big the moon was. They're more eager to see how much ang pao money they've obtained.
I notice they're more calculative nowadays. The girls insisted their brother had one ang pao less than them, hence should not have equal share of the money.
Tian Zi's task is to DOUBLE CHECK on the empty ang pao. She was thrilled to find a RM5 note inside one of them!

Total amount divided by 3, not forgetting to minus RM10 from the brother's share.
I told them to keep the money in bank. It'll go into their education fund (and not my pocket).


cityding said...

Wah! interesting closing ceremony for the Chinese New Year. Good idea too.

薰衣草夫人 said...


Joyful.Mum said...

I told my children their Ang Pao goes to their Education fund too!!

YuinTing Chin said...

Mr cityding, my kids actually can't wait to count the ang pao money but I insisted they got to wait until the last day of CNY. Happy closing ceremony, ha! ha!


Welcome, Joyful.Mum! I always remind my kids the importance of savings so that one day I can afford their higher education.


怎么说大出血啊? 可是为了心爱的孩子,大出血也会很快乐的啊 :D

YuinTing Chin said...