Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Love Nest

When my family was back in hometown for our Chinese new year celebration, a pair of love birds started building their love nest in our backyard.
There’re a lot of dried leaves falling on the artificial grass. We tried to bend the bamboo and relocate the nest but our feathered friends insisted on the earlier location which had better shelter (we saw them starting building a new one again). Feeling sorry, we immediately move the nest back.
Fortunately our new tenants did not feel threatened. They did not abandon the nest. Instead, the dedicated parent-to-be have been busy bringing little twigs to the pendulum nest again.
The nest looks neater now...but it's still incomplete.
We feel blessed to have them in our home. It’s so wonderful and memorable to observe nature up close.


Sunny-Cookie said...

We have the same nest in our garden! We have been watching different pairs of birds use the nest for the past year,laying eggs,baby birds hatching,mommy bird feeding her babies,then the babies learn to's like National Geographic right in your own backyard!

cityding said...

I wonder... whether the birds too.. are attracted to the love and warmth.. radiating from YuinTing's Igloo.

YuinTing Chin said...

Hi Sunny-Cookie, we must be very lucky to be chosen by our feathered friends to build their home within our home. My family is very excited to be able to enjoy the front seat view of this "Natural Geographic" right in our own backyard.

Hi Mr cityding, ha! ha! Maybe you're right. My igloo is warm enough to become the habitat of the birds.

Jean said... are so lucky!!!
I had planted mini hibiscus at our compound last time, a lot of humming bird flying around for the honey but never built any nest in our compound.....

YuinTing Chin said...

Dear Jean, I'm truly happy about it.
I think the mother bird has laid eggs as I see her sitting inside the nest most of the time. Can't wait to see the babies, Ha! Ha!