Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween Fun 2

This year, we had the 2nd Halloween celebration in our neighborhood. More houses were decorated for Halloween and the crowd was getting bigger. There were more than 50 kids participated in the event. It was harder to control such a big crowd. Even so, everyone had a good time together and some are already looking forward to next year's halloween. My daughter is already thinking about her outfit for next year!
Ready to go trick or treating.
My little niece was holding a FINGER baked by her very creative mother. (Even her Tinkerbell outfit was made by her mom too)
The devil looked at the "finger" in disgust.
The neighbourhood's trick or treaters started to pour in.
Neighbours gave out the candies.

Another group of trick or treaters joined us.
A spooky house with bats on the wall...
A vampire came out to greet the trick or treaters.
Cute clowns, colourful hair.
Freddie Kruger??!!!
Kids in all types of costume. It's an unforgettable nite for them.
Can you spot a monster behind the glass door?
Now you see, now you don't, now you see, now you don't............". The monster used a torch light to create the special effect to "entertain" the crowd.
The "monster" finally appeared. He's busy throwing candies for kids to grab.
A boy celebrated his birthday on Halloween and it must be a privilege to have so many monsters and devils to sing him the birthday song.

All types of "scary" food prepared by my two very talented sis-in-laws.


Daddy Forever said...

Wow, you guys were really into Halloween. Looks like the kids and adults had a lot of fun. Good job!

cityding said...

Now I know(?) what Halloween is.
Really nice postings.

YuinTing Chin said...

Hi Daddy Forever & Mr Cityding,
I'm fortunate to stay in a safe and fun neighborhood. My family initiated the first halloween celebration last year and it got more interesting this year with more houses decorated for halloween :-)