Saturday, July 19, 2014

The men whom have coloured my life

There are 3 art files on the bookshelf that are very precious to me. 

When I was in the secondary school, my dad would buy me issues of "The Art of Drawing and Painting" each week, and I managed to collect 72 issues! 

My dad supported my hobby not only through buying me art stuff, but also constantly sending my paintings for framing. He even handmade a wooden palette for me!

My dad has given me a wonderful and colourful childhood, and that carries into my adulthood...he has coloured my life with his love!

This Rowney watercolour set was a gift from my boyfriend about 20 years ago. 

That boyfriend of mine became the father of my children, so I used that watercolour set to paint our 3 children's portraits.

Our elder girl who was once punished by me for doodling on the wall when she was a toddler, has grown up to be an art lover, so I passed that gift to her.

It is pretty amazing how lasting that watercolour set is! (It was also because I treasured it very much and used it sparingly all these while)

Through it, I've witnessed how a wonderful man has coloured the life of his girlfriend, wife and daughter.

I am thankful to have these 2 wonderful men in my life.