Sunday, May 24, 2009


This Sunday afternoon my house will turn into the Spy Headquarters for some Girl Spies (not Spice Girl) to locate my daughter's 10 missing birthday candles. As I'm truly busy with work, I "recycle" most of the games which were used in my son's Spy birthday a few years ago (I kept the softcopy).

The "TOP SECRET" & "PRIVATE & CONFIDENTIAL" invitation letters were delivered to Tian Huey's classmates a week ago. Most of them have confirmed to accept the IMPORTANT MISSION!


Jean said...

How was the Mission turn out?

YuinTingChin said...

It's Great! I'll start putting the photos into my blog. And if you need to hold a SPY party for your kids, I can email you some materials that I've done! Ha! Ha!