Thursday, September 24, 2009

We Love Bali!

Wearing mask to prevent H1N1 in the airport... but never expected to experience earthquake inside our hotel room!
Having a sumptuous dinner at Jimbaran Beach on the evening we arrived at Bali.
Bali temple in Ubud (We had a half day tour in Ubud on the 2nd day).
Li Li and I taking a photo with our favourite painting...
it somehow represents our wonderful friendship (we've been friends since primary 1)
The skillful painter at work.
I love wood sculpture.
Famous "bebek bengil" at Laka Leke. Yummy!
The beautiful paddy field.
5 nights in Nikko Bali.

Kids love the beach. (They joined the Nikko Bali Jungle Camp for a day)
Tian Zi the mermaid.


cityding said...

Wah, nice pictures.
Incidentally, we are going on 3 December. Any advice?

薰衣草夫人 said...

在Jimbaran Beach吃海鲜,要脱掉鞋子才有情调的,呵呵

YuinTing Chin said...

Hi Mr Cityding,
My trip to Bali was a last minute decision. Hence, did not manage to cover too many places... especially with kids tagging along.
If you like to buy some paintings or wooden sculptures, do go to Ubud.Do visit Kuta too.
For local specialties, do remember to try the Bebek Bengil and Babi Guling.
If you need a tour guide... perhaps you can try
Made Suardana. He speaks quite fluent English and I find him informative. He sent us to the airport and within 30min, told us quite a lot of interesting facts. (081 2361 4898). Much better than the tour guide who gave us a half day tour.
If you just need a driver to drive you around, you can try Dewa +6281 9999 69075 (We used his service for a day, he drove us to can tell him what you want to see and he'll bring you around)
His friend Yoko +6281 3385 13139 is highly recommended by my relative but we did not use his service coz he's not available at that time.

薰衣草夫, 您說得對,要脱掉鞋子才有情调的(真可惜我沒那麼做)。閱讀了很多您的文章, 覺得您很細膩,也很有生活情趣。

Daddy Forever said...

Bali looks like a beautiful place to visit.

YuinTing Chin said...

Hi Daddy Forever, Bali is definitely a beautiful place worth visiting.