Friday, May 27, 2011

My Kids, My Love

My mother's day gifts from my 3 wonderful kids...

LOVE from my son...
This year he added a chinese character 爱 .
I know he cares and loves me even though he didn't say "I love you" or hug & kiss me like his two younger sisters...

My elder daughter made me 2 cards. So far my daughters and I only managed to bake a chocolate cake together. I should learn to bake more...

Words from her that warm my heart...

My artistic daughter made another card using a white thread (she added colour to it) to form the heart.

Can't believe how time flies... that little girl who used to doodle on the wall is now the "little artist" of our family :-)

My youngest daughter's creative little card with the shape of a heart.

I enjoy teaching her. She's a fast learner.
In fact, she made special mother's day coupons for me too! I could use the "reading coupon" and "workbook coupon" to make her "study for an hour" or do "20 pages of workbook". She's so adorable!

Besides card, she used LEGO to form a "mom, I Love U."
I love that little full stop. Love in unconditional.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

What A Cheapskate!

I was in an organic shop with my MIL yesterday.

While we were looking through products on the shelf, I saw a smart looking middle aged man talking to a shopkeeper at the cash register counter. He spoke good English, and looked educated and well-to-do. However, I did not listen to his conversation.

I wasn't even aware when he left. When it's my turn to pay, the shopkeeper showed me a box on the counter and told me that man had dropped the box accidentally and the bottle inside was broken (it was captured on CCTV too). Instead of apologizing & offering to compensate, that man accused the quality of that product as "lousy & easily breakable". Isn't it a common sense that glass is breakable and you got to handle it with care??!

That shameless man left the shop without paying a single cent...

I told the shopkeeper that if I were to know that earlier, I would have approached him and ask,"Sir, what if you accidentally drop & break a Swarovski crystal vase or an expensive perfume bottle, are you going to blame it as "lousy product, easily breakable"?

"Actually he's a "Datuk", but this type of "Datukship" you give me I also don't want..." that shopkeeper said.

Well...he's just a Cheapskate.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

My first LV purse... many years ago

About 8 years ago, my beloved hubby bought me 2 LV purses. I used one and kept the other one safely inside my drawer.

During one lunch appointment with my 2 close ex-colleagues, I showed off my "prized possession". I smiled and let the 2 gentlemen guess the price of that monogram LV purse.

Both guys gave me the similar answer – “Must be around 1 to 2 thousands ringgit”.

I giggled and announced to them proudly, “No lah… actually my hubby bought it from the wet market and it’s only RM25. He is so smart you know, he got good deal as he bought 2 at the same time.“

Not realizing that I’ve made the biggest mistake in the whole wide world, I went home happily and told my hubby about it.

“我想妳這一輩子不用買真的LV了,因為妳用真的別人也不相信了。(He said: "I think from now on you don't need to think about buying any genuine LV bags, because nobody will ever believe it's genuine even if it really is.”)

Ouch... that's painful & SCARY... it sounded like a CURSE to me! (maybe it somehow hurt his ego too... fake one... from the wet market... and I was telling 2 men about it!!! BOMB!!!!!)

I must admit I was young and ignorant...