Saturday, March 3, 2012

my art - Please don't ban Green!!!

Nowadays many people in this country are very sensitive to GREEN colour (Once it was YELLOW). So I decided to paint with these 2 "sensitive colours" (Adobe Photoshop) and showed it a few people below. Ahem... my findings are...

A happy kid: It is a sunny day, the sun is smiling... and I can imagine cows eating grass on the green field.

An unhappy Malaysian adult : It reminds me of Bersih 2, Anti Lynas ... and cows* that have gone to stay in some luxury condos in Singapore.

You-know-who : Don't show me Yellow & Green! I want to ban yellow!!! And I want to ban Green too!!!

And if that really happens...

Innocent Kid : Scorching sun. No rain? Drought? Are all the cows dead???

Angry Adult : Everyone is getting very very hot and angry. Cash flow is drying up & there's bigger gap between people...and the country is falling apart. Yet those stupid cows are still enjoying themselves in the air conditioned million dollar condo in Singapore!!!!

You-know-who : I can't see anything wrong with it. Water is still flowing...if not then just keep digging deeper and deeper...



Venie said...

I Really had agree with you!!! What had we make this world into? A better world or a stressful world? I love they way u make this post. Keep it up :)

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Yuin Ting, hey! Thats very creative! I like it.
Holy Smoke! Why people dislike yellow or green?
Something to do with politics?

To think with todays world, still harbouring such thoughts makes me wonder.
Best regards.

Sunny-Cookie said...

Love your cartoons! If only everyone sees the world the way children see it!

YuinTing said...

Thanks Venie. If there are more responsible adults around, it will definitely be a better world. Sad to see leaders who play the race and religion card too.

To me, a lot of problems are simply due to mismanagement of public fund or breach of trust. I always believe no matter what race or religion a good leader is, we should give our full respect and support. On the other hand, if he or she is corrupted, that person should be kicked out, even though we belong to same race or share the same religion.

YuinTing said...

Hi Uncle Lee, thanks for your compliment.

"Bersih 2" (YELLOW logo) rally was held to push the Election Commission of Malaysia (EC) to ensure free and fair elections in Malaysia. "Anti-Lynas" rally was held to protest rare earth plant in Kuantan.

At times I feel like I'm living in a Jurassic age, where brainless insects are ruling...

Hi sunny-Cookie, last week my creative juice seem to be flowing more than usual, ha ha.

I feel sorry for our kids...the world is getting much more complicated than ever. There are more and more questions from my kids that I couldn't explain appropriately.