Saturday, April 21, 2012

What a beautiful morning!

My son surprised me when he said he wanted to learn baking cupcake. It turned out not bad and he even brought some to school for his friends.

My elder daughter loves cooking. She made the family yummy omelette breakfast.

What a beautiful morning!


Uncle Lee said...

Hi YuinTing, okay, time for your to sit back, kick up your legs and relax.
Your kids can take over the kitchen, ha ha.
Good for you getting your kids motivated to cooking and baking.
Wish I had taken an interest in cooking young days, took the wrong interests instead, ha ha.

Right, next step, how to make Penang har mee.
Then final exam, fish head curry.
Have fun, Yuin Ting.

Eunice Tee尤妮絲 said...

哗,小哥儿也学煮食, 云婷有可能班上有心愉的女生了....哈哈...开玩笑! 对了云婷近耒妳的BLOG有没有问题?我的GOOGLE说不再SUPPORT BROWSER了害到我手忙脚乱, 很不方便!真气死我了!

Sunny-Cookie said...

Soon they'll be bringing you breakfast in bed! :)

YuinTing said...

Hi Uncle Lee, I'm glad my kids have the interest in cooking and baking. Too bad I am not a good cook. How I wish Mrs Lee can be their mentor for cooking Penang Har Mee ad Fish Head Curry. I'm not too sure why my son wanted to bake... who knows it may be his "ninjalogy"??

Hi Eunice, 老師果然了解青少年心態。其實我也是那樣想, 不過他沒說,哈哈!

Hi Sunny-Cookie, I think it won't happen because I don't allow them to bring food to the room, ha ha!

Eunice Tee尤妮絲 said...