Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Jump, Twist, Push Up etc

Trampoline is a good alternative to bed...for jumping. We bought one a few years ago and my youngest daughter still loves to jump on it. 

I once dreamed of having an hour glass figure that could fit into a beautiful cheongsum perfectly. So, I bought myself a waist twisting disc. But I hardly used it and nowadays my maid is using it instead. She puts it in the kitchen and guess she must be burning off some calories while waiting for water to boil.

Apart from the waist twisting disc, my maid is also using my son's dumbbell to tone her armsThe kitchen has become her mini gym. Doesn't she already mop, scrub and and sweep a lot everyday? 

When my son was in secondary 1, we gave him a doorway pull up bar. Initially he could only pull up once but he as gets older, he can do it better.

I am sure lots of teenage boys are concerned about their muscles. My son has requested for a heavier dumbbell last year (lighter ones are with his kakak now). His grandpa gave him an Ab Wheel (he is amazed with his grandpa who is still fit and able to do push up, no sweat!). And his uncle & aunty gave him a pair of PushUp Grisp on Christmas. 

Not sure how frequent he does the work out..hopefully one day he will have good muscle tone. More importantly, I wish it will somehow improve his posture too (I always remind him not to slouch).


Uncle Lee said...

Hi Yuin Ting, Holy Smoke! Your home is like a mini gym, ha ha. Can't help smiling read of your maid doing exercises.
You all in Malaysia very lucky to have maids.
Where we are none of our Malaysian, Singapore friends have one.

They expensive, besides lots of rules and regulations. After 6, it's, believe it or not, 'overtime'.
And you have to give them time off in the week to attend classes to improve themselves.
They have an advantage, after 3 years can apply for PR, then bring their families over.

And many today are working in offices, even doctors, etc when being maids before.
Mostly from the Philippines.
Love your pics and those gym stuff.

Psssst, can wear cheong sum now?
Or Sarong kebaya?
When I invite you for dinner, what you wear? Arhaaaa ha ha.
Have a nice day, stay beautiful.

Eunice Tee尤妮絲 said...

真是运动之家, 不像我们天天就只全找吃吃还是吃....哈哈....不胖都难!

薰衣草夫人 said...


YuinTing said...

Hi Lee, my maid is conscious about her health...and body shape. At times she will borrow our bike and cycle around the housing area. Can you believe she also used the gym in the clubhouse, until recently a guard refused to let her go in anymore (maybe someone complained about it). She has been working for me for about 8 years, and will go back for good at the end of this year (i think she is getting married). Can't imagine how to survive without her...sigh...

Oh ya, if you're going to invite me for dinner, I'll start using that waist twisting disc again...only then i can squeeeeeze into a cheong sum or sarong kebaya.

Hi Eunice, 若喜歡吃就要勤做運動,這樣才不會有內疚感嘛!哈哈!我一個星期跳五日排舞,真的對健康有益哩 :-)

夫人,我們這間小屋里的人運動的目的有些不一樣。有者是為了健康,有者是為了擁有更加吸引人的身材, 哈哈!

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Yuin Ting, just dropped by say hello. Wow! You'll certainly look jatuh mati beautiful, bang the back of a bus gorgeous in a cheong sum or sarong kebaya, bt don't be too slim...ha ha.
Best regards.

Daddy said...

Wow....your home like mini gym and the best part is your maid also do dumb bells ar?

YuinTing said...

Hi Lee, thanks for your compliment and encouragement. I will now run to my kitchen @ mini gym and start twisting away ~~~~!!!

Hi "Daddy", my maid very "hou liao" one...i think she wants to look good when she "balik kampung" at the end of this year. In ths past 4 halloweens, she had dressed up as leopord woman, pontianak, octopus and head on platter.