Monday, September 16, 2013

Blog & Facebook (Post Maid Era)

How time flies, I have not been updating my blog for a few months...again.

Apart from busy juggling housework and office work, my absence from Blog was also due to Facebook. I come to realise I treat blogging like essay writing which requires more time & effort, as compared to my posts in Facebook which are usually much shorter. 

However, I love what I have recorded in my Blog all these years. Reading through those old postings, I realised how time flies and my kids had really grown up a lot. There are many sweet memories which are so precious to me. Who knows, maybe one day they'll treat my blog as a "time machine" for them to cherish their childhood?!

Hence, I decided that I must "activate" it again and continue to record moments worth remembering. I extracted some of my recent Facebook postings below which reflect my family's "Post Maid Era":


Knowing that I am without a maid now, my kind neighbour will help to push in my laundry rack when it is about to rain. There were a few times I thought all my efforts were wasted & my clean laundry would be soaked in rain, I happily found them dry under the shade of the car porch when i arrived home. 

I'm blessed with great neighbours. Can't agree more with the Chinese sayings: 遠親不如近鄰 (Good neighbour is better than a distant kin).

Ever since there's no more kakak/maid, it is my son's duty to water the plants. Nowadays he sure appreciates mother nature more.

Don't get me wrong. I don't mean he starts to have an interest in flowers and plants. In fact, I have to remind him to water the plant most of the time. He APPRECIATES NATURE in the sense that when it RAINS, he can SKIP WATERING the plants!

從前有女傭 :穿衣、換衣
如今沒了女傭 :穿衣、換衣、洗衣、曬衣、收衣、折衣、燙衣 
突然對每一件穿在身上的衣服多了一份珍惜 。

For the past 14 years (with maid), I'd taken what I was wearing for granted. It was as easy as taking a cloth out from the closet, wore for a few hours and threw it into the laundry basket.

After I was left without a maid, to get a clean cloth means I need to hand wash or put it inside a washing machine, hang & later take it down from the cloth rack, fold or iron before I can put it on. What a lengthy process!

One day, I shall look back and smile at how I had survived my post maid era :-)


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