Monday, July 27, 2009

Craving for Maggie Mee

I don't like my kids eating too much instant noodle. Even so, Tian Zi begged for Maggie Mee last night. Her sister Tian Huey pleaded to have some too.

They're so worried that their big brother TJ would ask to share the noodle if he knew about it. Hence, they held their spoons and chopsticks very carefully so that no sound could be heard by him upstairs.

"Tian Zi, if Tian Juin comes down, just spit saliva into the noodles,"she told her little sister.

Trust me, I never taught them this "survival skill". Not sure whether they learnt it from some animals or not.


Jesslyn said...

hahaha....ain't they cute to say that...but have to take this chance to educate them ya!

YuinTingChin said...

Hi Jess, you're right. I did :-)

Come to think about it, their brother started this bad habit first. ..not sure where he learnt from.