Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My daughter's Exam Fear

My daughter "finally" can feel the stress after I gave her an ultimatum. I told her if she gets less than 60 marks for her Chinese test paper, I'll punish her. In fact I've never imposed such rules before. However, after realizing she did badly in the previous chinese writing due to many word errors (錯別字), I wanted her to buckle up.

Poor girl...she's worried that she will get 59%! What a nightmare!!

Why is there a heart in the air?? Does she mean that if she tells me she loves me, I shall not beat her?
"NO... it means I'm so scared that my heart POPS OUT!!!"she explained.


Petite Tish said...

她的心情我能夠理解,不是說過我小學前幾年也對馬來文獨獨不開竅嗎,那種必須考多少分以上,否則必須面對嚴厲斥責和處分的壓力和恐懼,困擾了我整個學習生涯⋯⋯ 我知道你對待卉的處罰方式肯定不同,所以卉應該不至於落得和我一樣下場,哈!

YuinTingChin said...


可是我家那位小姐真的很relax, 不給點壓力不行。

雖然如此,我還是於心不忍 (那幅畫起了點作用),也怕她考試時因擔心成績而分心。因此,在考試前的幾天對她說不會處罰她,只要她多用心准備就好。

薰衣草夫人 said...


MamaFaMi said...

Aiyoo that miserable 59! Another mark to get through mummy's syarat! If I were Tian Huey, I'll be stress up too! Hahaha... Will start thinking, how on earth will I explain to my garang mummy, so that I won't get punished!

YuinTingChin said...


Hi MamaFaMi, thanks for dropping by. After I saw my daughter's drawing on the whiteboard, I pun tak sampai hati mau impose that syarat anymore. Tapi sometimes my daughter very relax one lah... tak pressure sikit tak boleh lah... Her result is not out yet. Let's wait and see.