Wednesday, January 13, 2010

"Kakak" is back!

FINALLY! My maid is back from her one month holiday in Indonesia. She's been with us more than 5 years and this is the second time she went back for holiday. The last time she went back, her father cried when she bid farewell. This year, he's 95 and ailing. But on the bright side, both father and daughter reunited for a while even though he did not really recognize her. I hope that he knows his daughter is being treated like family here.
Kakak knows Tian Zi likes this. (We discovered Oreo with strawberry flavor when we were in Bali a few months ago. Can't seem to find it here). Kakak treats my kids like her own, and my kids adore her too.
WOW! She brought kites all the way from her country! (a few months ago Tian Zi kept pestering us to buy kites for her)
Fruit candy. How sweet!

Indonesian cookie.
The traditional "Jacks and Ball" for Tian Huey & Tian Juin
(There's even a cute little rabbit inside)

Banana chips that she fried for us. How delicious!

How thoughtful of her, and how blessed I am to have her as my helper.


cityding said...

I'm sure it's the love & friendship in the Igloo that keeps the maid warm...

YuinTing Chin said...

Mr cityding, only a warm igloo can keep everyone healthy and happy :-)

MamaFaMi said...

A wonderful Majikan deserves a wonderful helper, don't you think so? I am sure kakak is happy to work with you guys and she felt blessed, that's why she came back..


Anonymous said...

Oh if only the Indonesian press were to report on these rather just on the abuse of maids in Malaysia!
My parent's maid is also an indispensable part of the family and she's also treated as part of our family and have been with us for the past 7 years.
when she came back from her hols she bought each one of us baju batik. How lovely!

Uncle Lee said...

Hello Yuin Ting, glad to read you treat your maid very well. I have heard, read of how many are ill treated by their bosses, really sad.

Here nobody has maids unless you have a Mercedes and a BMW parked in your driveway, besides the rules and regulations very strict here re maids...include o/time after 6pm.

You keep well and have a pleasant week, Lee.

YuinTing Chin said...

Hi MamaFami, Anonymous & Uncle Lee,

I think we have to respect all human beings. By treating my maid well, my kids will do the same. My kids respect her and I'm glad she helps to discipline them when I'm at work.

Sometimes they complain that their kakak is too strict, eg "kakak don't let us go swimming before we play the piano." (Terima kasih, Yuni)