Thursday, May 6, 2010

Still A Naggy Mom...

Mother's Day is coming and I decided to extract the following from my Yahoo360 blog entry in 2008. Instead of drawing with pen like my earlier cartoons, I used the computer instead!

Being a mother of 3, I notice (but can’t help it) I tend to elaborate a lot to put a point across, as compared to my hubby. In other words…very NAGGY.

If my kids are playing computer for too long,

I’ll say: “You’ve been playing for so long, you’re going to spoil your eyesight!”

My hubby will just say, “Kids, enough already.”

If they want to skip brushing teeth (especially my son)

I’ll say: “You know those are your permanent teeth. You do not want to be the youngest person to wear denture.”

My hubby will just say, “Go brush teeth.”

Even when I’m elaborating and emphasizing something that my hubby agrees, he still manages to be so short and sweet…


Why he can always find 3 words yet my versions are always longer? Hmm…perhaps men are action- oriented, yet women are more emotional…and like to stir up emotion.


薰衣草夫人 said...


citiding said...


YuinTing said...

夫人,華文字真有意思,“唠唠叨叨” 部首皆是口,“叨叨”竟有把刀在裡頭,帶點威脅恐嚇意味。我有時真的是如此 :-(

mr citiding, 會時我還真想跟孩子的爸對換角色,可以省下很多口水,角色又討好。哈!哈!

燕仔 said...

也总要有个人来做坏人的角色嘛 :P

YuinTing said...

歡迎你,燕仔。我總是覺得很多時后都是在媽媽著扮演壞人的角色。We make all the correct but unpopular choice :-)