Sunday, May 9, 2010

Thank you mom, for letting me learn piano!

情人的眼淚 (The lover's tear)
This song is specially dedicated to mom. She always said she wanted me to play her the song but I hardly do so. This afternoon, I decided it's time to record it so that she can listen to it as many times as she wants. I'm thankful to her for giving me the chance to learn this wonderful musical instrument (but my kids are complaining that I force them to learn...).


The N.G. part (Kak Yuni's helping me to can hear her laughter).
My son thought I laughed too hard (maybe he finds it a bit embarrasing)... but at least I know my mom likes my laughter.


pakmat said... you complained as a girl when you ma took you to piano classes..but that was beautiful, lady.. a song from my youth..try again, only this time let your heart plays and moves the keys...:)

YuinTing said...

Dear Pakmat, you're absolutely correct! To be frank, I did not manage to play from my heart when I was recording it...I was worried about playing wrong notes, and it was recorded on the mother's day afternoon. Guess I can express myself better without the camera, Ha! Ha!

Thanks for giving me this constructive comment. I truly hope to hear you sing. Next time do remember to ask your kids to record it for you when you're performing!I'm sure you're a good singer.

Petite Tish said...


Sunny-Cookie said...

After reading your post I realised that I never thanked my mom for all those years of music classes that I took...maybe one day I will record a song for her too (and yes, my kids complain about their piano classes,sigh!)

YuinTing said...


三個孩子里面,姿從沒給我煩惱,自發性練琴,從不耍性子。我知道她喜歡音樂,前幾日還說不想去旅行, 只想在家"eat maggie mee, watch TV and play piano. :-D

她的姐姐小時后練琴很容易發脾氣,時常一邊彈,一邊哭 (時常弄到我也很氣)。雖然如此,她比較容易投入,曲子彈熟后充滿感情。自從上了一對一的課程后,我無須(懶得)再教她,也省掉看她彈得不順時發脾氣的樣子。她曾說她不是不想學琴,只是不喜歡考琴的壓力。我覺得她其實彈得不錯,不能輕言放棄。

而她們的老哥就讓我頭痛了。小時后陪他上音樂課,有時他心不在焉,令我曾有過幾次要放棄的念頭。不過他領悟力強,很快學上手(鋼琴老師也是如此贊美他)。記得去年很多個星期日早上他都會在複習課本后彈一兩首曲子娛人娛己,那時我覺得幸好沒放棄。但如今上了中一,他越來越多埋怨,說我逼他,不想再學了。(他說那些學琴的朋友都是被媽媽逼的)。前幾日我那個要放棄的念頭又回來了。那里知道昨日他又突然對我說要和同學們搞band,他負責keyboard. (昨晚練琴又特別認真了).我希望他快點愛上一位喜歡彈琴的女孩。

唉。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。嘆不完的氣,好漫長的路。。。。。。我總覺得好像在爬山 (有幾個階短特別困難),在放棄前拉他們一把 ,又可跨前幾步。到了半山想放棄又覺得可惜了。

我在學琴的路上也曾汗流颊背,但最終還是喘呼呼地到了山頂 ,感受到了清新的空氣和美麗的景色 !(雖然只能彈來自娛,但我從中獲得無窮樂趣)。


YuinTing said...

Dear Sunny-Cookie, perhaps you can record a DVD for your mom...besides playing piano, I'm sure your mom would love to see you dance too (you're a line dance instructor!)

We're both grateful to our mothers for giving us the chance to learn piano. I hope one day my kids will at least understand why I encourage them (they define it as "force") to learn.

My mom used to say she didn't have a chance to learn piano when she's young, that's why she let me learn.

As for me, I told my kids I'm fortunate to have the chance to learn piano when I was young, that why I WANT them to learn!!!

Daddy Forever said...

Wow, you play really well. I wish I could play the piano. Luckily, our daughter is taking lessons.

YuinTing said...

Hi Daddy Forever, thanks for your compliment. You've made a right choice of getting your daughter to learn piano. Besides enjoying her music, one day she may want to teach you a song or two :-)

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Yuin Ting, wish I had learned to play when young as I love piano sounds and music.
Well done, you're a great mom, Lee.

YuinTing said...

Hi Uncle Lee, you're right. I also find piano sound beautiful (Actually I find it much beautiful as compared to Electone).

Life can't be all bad when for ten dollars you can buy all the Beethoven sonatas and listen to them for ten years. ~William F. Buckley, Jr.