Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Evolution of Ambition...

When my son was in standard one, he's crazy about dinosaurs and was fascinated with Egyptian myth & history (he had quite a few books on that). He said he wanted to be an Archaeologist (that's a big word...and a big ambition for a 7 year old!)

When he's a few years older, I bought him a lot of science books & he fell in love with marine plants and animals (he could name so many sea creatures that I've never heard before). He changed his ambition and said he wanted to be a Marine Biologist. (another big dream, he must had read it from one of the books)

Ever since he started playing with BB Gun 2 years ago, he became a bit obsessed with guns. He would search and read all types of reports on guns and he even had a thick encyclopedia on that (I bought him one). He then declared he wanted to be a Weapon Specialist. Sounds big but dangerous and surely not a profession I'd ever approved! Yesterday he said actually he wanted to be a "Gunsmith" and not a "weapon specialist". (I didn't bother to ask him the difference between that 2 professions)

Oh yes, some time ago he also did mention that he wanted to be a Professional Gamer ...after he started playing X-box last year.

My son is the type of boy who'd read in details those topics that interest him (Once he's obsessed with Robotic & Astronomy too). That's his strength and I encourage to him read & explore (his command of English is getting stronger). I just wish that one day when he's well equipped with all kinds of knowledge, he will go back to basic to differentiate between Good & Bad, and to choose a noble job that can help mankind.


薰衣草夫人 said...


Sunny-Cookie said...

I'm glad your boy has ambition. Mine still doesn't know what he wants to do after his SPM, which is not too far away :(

Kai-Jin said...

My ambitions range from Chinese Medicine shop owne, garbage truck driver, scientist..., and I studied Drama, but am now into environment and marine...and teach diving, but become mom and run a don't worry, something will somehow happen! :) dream is good, big and small!

YuinTing said...

夫人,其实您的儿子真的很有音乐天份(我曾听过他的cd ).虽然念商,但还是可成为业余音乐人。我可就不希望我儿子将来成为业余gamer!

Hi Sunny Cookie, I'm glad my son has ambition, but he keeps changing it (even from a "specialist" to a "smith"). I am sure your son will eventually find a course he likes to pursue and stick to it.

Hi Pei Pei, you have interesting ambitions! A Garbage Truck Driver, Ha! Ha! What an ambition for a girl! Well, perhaps you wish to recycle those 'valuable' stuff inside that garbage truck. What you're doing now is truly interesting and great. Your kids will be so proud of you!

Anonymous said...

I chose to be a noble person and studied hard to be a Medical Lab Tech. Now, after having to deal with the political crazies in the field, and vastly changing policies, I am in Construction and near homeless.

Mercenary is starting to look good. Tell your son to keep up the gun studies. At least he might become an armorer and make some good money