Friday, September 24, 2010

Mooncake, lantern & fire

I invited my brothers' families over for mid-autumn celebration.

Juin asked, "Mom, can we play with fire tonight?" (instead of "can we carry lanterns tonight?")
Kids preferred playing with fire to carrying lanterns, so parents ended up carrying their lanterns while they're playing with fire.

Kids had fun playing with the leftover sparklers from Chinese New Year.

Enjoying mooncakes and a good chat with the loved ones...


Sunny-Cookie said...

Yes I remember playing with fire when I was a kid too. It always seems more fun than holding the lantern :D
Now my kids don't even want a lantern or play outside, sigh.

citiding said...

That's good.
We should involve our children in festive celebrations.This is one way to ensure the custom is carried on.

Joyful.Mum said...

My kids were not very keen with the lanterns until I organised with my other neighbours to have a lantern parade. So all the parents and kids went round our 〝taman〞and had a wonderful lantern parade that evening!

YuinTing said...

Hi Sunny-Cookie, I wonder why kids don't like lantern anymore. Maybe that's because in the modern world, they can't appreciate "Chang-Er" folktale anymore. When I was young, I'd innocently look at the moon and see whether I could find a rabbit up there!

Mr citiding, it takes effort to keep some traditions alive. I know I've not done enough. This year end (冬至), I'll try to make 湯圓。The older I get, the more I appreciate some of the old customs & traditions.

Hi Joyful.Mom, it's good you took the initiative to organize it! You're creating wonderful memories for your family and neighbors!