Sunday, January 30, 2011

Dance into the new year!

Our Qigong session ends at 8am every morning and the younger ones (= those below 70s) will proceed to line dancing at the club house, including me. On one particular morning, we're busy working on a special project...

Our instructor, who's also our neighbor, taught us a few Chinese New Year dances. I'm very glad I got the chance to learn to make the new year "flower ball" 新年绣球.
It's not that difficult to make but requires a lot of patience.

Making the flower ball while listening to chinese new year songs... A lot of us brought our "homework" home. The next day, many were complaining that those flower balls were really testing their patience. However, all of us did agree that it's still worth doing as it's less than RM10 to make a pair!

"Gong Xi Gong XI Gong Xi Ni......" it's fun to dance with those flower balls in hands. We're also practicing hard for our new year "dinner & dance" .

I'm holding a flower ball in hand. That bangle was a gift from my beloved dad when I was in standard 2. I've been wearing it for years.

We booked 4 tables and occupied the whole floor in a small chinese restaurant for our first ever CNY "dinner & dance".

Our team were all in red and black while the other group (from another housing area, also under the same instructor) were in black. All the mothers/grandmothers had a great time dancing away...

Our beautiful dance instructor in her silver bling costume. She looked stunning and all of us enjoyed watching her dance.

It was a night to remember.


pakmat said... that case, I am still young, going by your standard..:) but I do not dance anymore..propriety held me back..I shouldn't, of course..after all I am just 66..and Chuan, the goldsmith says I look young for my age..but then he is a friend, and friends are known to lie just to make their friend happy..:)..anyway, pakmat happy to see you all having such a good time..and wished your a glorious and your family..given the chance, I can sing you kong si kong si kong si ni...

Sunny-Cookie said...

Wow, looks like a lot of fun! Wishing you and your family a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

citiding said...

Happy New Year to
Yuin Ting and family.

Uncle Lee said...

Hi YuinTing, wow! I love the pics here.
And that dance teacher, she sure is drop dead gorgeous.
Can men join too?
Where to get application papers? Ha ha.
Hey, I noticed you all enjoying wine at the dinner, and I think I see a Johnny Walker Black label Scotch last pic.
Wayyyyy to go!

Kong hei fatt choy to you and family.
Best regards, Lee.

薰衣草夫人 said...


YuinTing said...

Hi Pakmat, thanks for your warm greetings. And YES... based on my stringent standard, you're still young and I'm still very very young, Ha! Ha! Thanks for the "song", I can imagine you singing sambil berjoget...

Hi Sunny-Cookie, Wishing you and your family a happy new year too! Yes, we truly had a great time. Aiya... should have invited you as our special guest since you are a line dance instructor too!

Hi mr citiding, thanks! Wishing you and your family a blessed new year too!

Hi Uncle Lee, Gong Hei Fatt Choy to you and your family too! SURE...If you fly back to Malaysia next year, we'll let you be the thorn among the roses! How Cool! Oh ya...please remember to bring along all your expensive wine (I know your private collections are better than Johnny Walker Black Label Scotch).