Friday, January 21, 2011

Who's Helping Who?

My hubby was approached by a stranger when he passed by a mini market near our office. Speaking in cantonese, that old lady with 2 heavy grocery bags in hands asked for my hubby's help to drive her home. She said her legs were painful.

My hubby did not manage to offer his help as we need to rush to pack some food for our kids. He later told me he could recognize that poor lady as there're a few times he saw her walking along the roadside with grocery bags in hand. We later felt sorry for not helping her and decided to drive around to look for her.

It did not take us long to spot her walking slowly down the road. I wound down the car window to offer help. I could see she's in pain, yet she managed to squeeze a smile on her tired and wrinkled face (which looked more like crying) and telling us she had backache. Her long white hair was messy and she had only a few teeth left. Life must not be easy on her...

Inside the car, we asked for her address and I was surprised that she's staying in a quite an affluent area. She told us she's a teacher back in 1950s. She then started to speak in good mandarin. She said her eldest son had his own small business but not doing well, her daughter is married and staying in Singapore now and she also did talk about her youngest son.

I was curious and asked her why not she took a cab home?

She said taking cab was expensive and she'd rather keep the money to buy food for her cats and dogs...

She pitied those strayed dogs and cats, and brought them home.

When we reached her double-storey house, we saw her being welcomed by her dogs and cats. I wanted to take a photo of her going inside her house, but couldn't do so because she was standing in front of the gate and kept smiling and waving good bye to us.

She thanked us and said we are good people and God will bless us.

I think God should bless her more. She gives unselfishly, and even as to sacrifice her own comfort for the sake of those strayed animals on the street.


citiding said...

Simply wonderful...

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Yuin Ting, thats a very heart warming post.
Sometimes we tend to look at things in different ways...
but you and hubby have done your part.
And hands that help are Holier than lips that pray.
Good for you.
Best wishes,

Naz said...

Hi Yuin Ting,
We could do with more people like the old lady and you two :)
Have a nice day!

薰衣草夫人 said...


YuinTing said...

Hi mr citiding, I choose to believe there're more good and kind people in this world than the evil ones :-)

Hi Uncle Lee, thanks. My mom was suffering from leg pain the time we met that old lady. I could imagine how tough it was for that old lady to walk home.

Hi Naz, welcome to my igloo! I'm sure there're many people in this world who're ready to lend a helping hand, including you :-)

夫人,我们也受过别人的帮忙,所以也希望能帮助别人。除了大学时期在高速公路上被一位马来老伯帮忙弄好摩哆车的火花塞之外,也有一位马来夫妇曾因我的车灯坏了而在高速公路上答应跟在我们后面 (我们在休息站遇到他们),让我及车上的儿子及丈夫都能安全回到家乡。虽然无法记得他们的样子,但他们都是我心中的天使。