Monday, March 14, 2011

"There's A Ghost In Our School!!!"

One afternoon when I was home for lunch, my 2 daughters couldn't wait to tell me the big news of the day...

TH: Mom, there's a ghost in our school! It's kind of creepy...

Mom: How do you know?

TH: One of the prefects told me. She said the headmaster got someone to come & "catch" the ghost.

Mom: Are you sure?

TH: YES! It's inside the music room of the new hall. My friends said the ghost wears red and sings "NegaraKu" (our national anthem?!)

Mom: Wow! That must be a very patriotic ghost. Well...actually we shouldn't call it a ghost. It is a good SPIRIT. So you girls don't need to be scared even if you see it.

TH: They said our school used to be a hospital during wartime. Maybe what TZ (her youngest sister) said was right. The horrible thunder and lightning recently must have awoken the dead... really freaks me out!!!

Mom: But come to think about it, maybe someone in your school purposely spread the rumors so that no one dares to step into that music room inside the new hall.

At this point, my youngest daughter TZ joined in and gave her opinion below.

TZ: I think that ghost is 100 years old.

It took me awhile to understand what she meant. Apparently once I told her according to Chinese custom, if a person lives long enough (eg 100 years old) and has great grandchildren, the family member will wear red during the funeral to "celebrate" the deceased's full life. But I don't think I ever told her the deceased wears red too...

Kids really have very good imagination, so I refrained myself from explaining to them why some of the dead are wearing red...


薰衣草夫人 said...


Kai-Jin said...

wahahah, I remembered we used to tell ghost story, and every school has a ghost in the toilet! hehehe

YuinTing said...

我對孩子們說有種鬼比這愛國鬼更可怕- 那就是懶惰鬼(學校有很多) !

Hi Pei Pei, you remind me of my primary school. I was told there's ghost inside the toilet. Must be some teacher purposely spread the rumors so that those naughty and lazy student would not waste time inside the toilet.