Friday, March 4, 2011

Tattoo! Body Piercing??!!

A conversation over dinner last evening...

TJ (my son) : Mom, can I have REAL tattoo?

Mom : NO!!!

TJ : But WHY!??

Mom: Of course you can't! It's permanent. It'll be painful if you want to remove it next time.You can just put a removable one like what you did this morning.

TJ : But my friend has a real one. She did it in Bali. It's quite cool.....

Mom : NO means NO. According to an article, it may be dangerous and ....

At this point, my teenage son interrupted and protested again that most of the time I would say NO to the things he wanted.


Mom : OK. You can do anything you want.

TJ : Really??!! Woohoo!!! So I can have a real tattoo? And I can have body piercing too?

Mom : YES. I said you can do anything you like.

You should see how excited my son was. Unfortunately his excitement was quickly dampened by his wise sister TH who said something unexpected.

TH : You know... usually when parents say "You can do anything you want" means they're going to let you learn your lesson.



Uncle Lee said...

Hi YuinTing, now...thats what I call child psychology or Reverse Psychology.
I guess the Internet, movies all to a certain amount influences young people....and wanting to copy.

Oh well, we too were young once too, ha ha.
Have fun....incidentally never knew you have teenage kids.
You don't look it, *wink*.
Have a pleasant weekend.

Petite Tish said...

NO NO NO, a permanent tattoo is not cool at all. It might look rather 'outdated' at some point of time.
But a muscular body is TOTALLY COOL and ATTRACTIVE! Work it out! ;)

薰衣草夫人 said...


YuinTing said...

Hi Uncle Lee, you're right. I'm applying the reverse psychology. Child Psychology used to be my favorite subject in Uni :-)

I always remind my kids to be well behaved so that I can slow down the aging process. So far they're still good kids, Ha! Ha!

TJ should listen to Q-Mei 舅母. A muscular body is totally cool and attractive. I'm sure TJ get it (he asked me to get him a heavier dumb bell recently)

夫人,我這女兒蠻有“智慧”的。她還真不錯,有時會幫我說話,真貼心 :-)

Sunny-Cookie said...

Your daughter TH is one wise kid :D
My son asked about tattoos and piercings too, but stopped asking when my daughter had her ears pierced and developed an infection.

YuinTing said...

Dear Sunny-Cookie, my daughter is not only wise but "BRAVE". Her had her ears pierced but later on developed an infection. In order to wear nice earrings, she gained enough courage to go through the painful process to have her ear pierced again. Well...that's why women have a much higher pain threshold :-)