Thursday, April 28, 2011

How I miss the mother bird!

In March last year, there was a pair of love birds building nest in my backyard. Few weeks later, the pendulum nest was abandoned after my hubby unintentionally scared their baby bird from the nest.

To our sweet surprise, a few weeks ago, 2 doves visited our backyard and started building their love nest. This time, we chose to observe from far when the mother bird was nesting, and even tried not to turn on the air con in the dining room as the compressor is close to the nest.

Sad to say, after nesting for a week or 2, the mother bird left her nest and never returned. And I didn't seem to see any baby bird inside that nest. I'm worried for her safety...

Rain or shine, she used to be there in her nest.
Maybe God sent her to remind me to be a more dedicated mother.


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