Sunday, April 17, 2011

Paintings from my heart

I did a few water colour paintings back in the 90s. The following paintings are specially dedicated to my late father-in-law...

Watercolour, 1996
My father-in-law & my brother-in-law with a middle man who came to collect the durian.

Watercolour, 1998
A family portrait with 2 new family members who're born in 1997 (my son & my niece)

"You don't choose your family. They are God's gift to you, as you are to them." - Bishop Desmond Tutu


Uncle Lee said...

Hi Yuin Ting, Holy Smoke! You are very good! Outstanding!
Love your style of water colouring. And must have taken you awhile doing that.

First time I read of a mother loving water colour paintings as a hobby. Good for you.

Wayyy back in the 60s, I used to do oil painting, and 5 of my large paintings was exhibited at Dewan Tunku Abdul Rahman in Ampang road.
Later sold 3. One for $1800. Two others for $700.

I still have 3 of my old paintings here with me, having in our dining room, living room and spare bedroom.

You keep it up. You are good!
Best regards.

Sunny-Cookie said...

Wow, you have such extraordinary talent with the paintbrush and a keen eye for detail! :)

Joyful.Mum said...

You are really talented in water colour painting! Have you ever learn from teacher Alex in Muar? I love your painting! Keep it up!

YuinTing said...

Thanks for your compliment, Uncle Lee.

Wow! Back in the 60s $1800 was a lot of money! I'm sure you're very good in painting! Could you please put up your masterpiece in your blog for us to see?

Since young, I love to paint. I painted my FIL in the orchard when I was having my honeymoon year in the USA. (I quitted my job to join my hubby in the States). No kids yet, hence I got lots of free time & inspiration. (broadway shows, museums, factory outlet, flea market and paintings...)

When my 2 elder kids were young, I painted their watercolor portrait. I feel bad because until today, I've not done one for my youngest daughter.

Hi Sunny-Cookie, thanks. To tell you the truth, I can remember colour code much better than numbers (eg phone or car plate number). I enjoy painting but if you ask me to play Sudoku, you're torturing me. Ha! Ha! Guess everyone has different talents.

Hi Joyful-Mum. I learnt art (oil painting) from Mr Tan Puay Tee 陈培智老师 for a few years (secondary school). During one semester break, I learned from 陈运隆老师。 When I was working in KL as a trainer, I spent my sunday in the studio of 蔡清坤老师 in Subang Jaya. When I quitted my job as a trainer and went to the states, I learned acrylic painting from an artist from China. And for a few months last year, I learned basic sketching from Mr. James Pua. Wow! looks like I'm pretty fortunate to be able to learn from so many artists! (just I've not got the chance to learn from 翁文豪老师)

Too bad I've stopped painting for so long.... too tied up with work and family ... NO TIME (bad excuse??)

Naz said...

I love the paintings :) and yes, you are very good.

My painting skill is still on the same level as my daughter's...first grader! LOL

Mako said...

nice drawing ~
awesome ~
u have got such a talent on drawing ~

YuinTing said...

Hi Naz, Thanks for your compliment. Your EJ can draw very well, maybe he can give you and little Missy an art lesson, Ha! Ha! (But seriously, EJ is very talented and has good imagination!)

Hi Mako, thanks for your compliment. You love sports, right? How about art? Do you like to draw too?

Mako said...

hmm ... actually i also got participate in drawing long time ago but now already less ~
my skill is very bad ~

YuinTing said...

Hi Mako, practice makes perfect! You can also go to websites with drawing techniques too :-)