Thursday, October 6, 2011

Only sissy plays piano!

My son used to HATE playing piano. It’s especially intense when he was in standard 6 & during the first few months of form 1. He would say, “Most of my friends (boy) have stopped learning piano. Those who’re still learning are forced by their mothers…only sissy plays piano…” Once he even used his epee to poke the piano as if it was a big black monster!

A piano teacher told me a boy came to her piano lesson with a “pouting mouth”. She later found out that poor boy’s classmate was calling him “sissy…sissy…” after knowing he was going to attend piano lesson after school.

My new Yamaha piano to replace the 30 year old Kawai piano.

Even so, I know my son loves music and he’s a fast learner. But due to peer pressure and being a young boy at that time, he’s lazy & impatient to sit still and practice.

Fortunately I didn’t give up on him (I nearly did)& he didn't quit. Since the middle of last year, he started to change & fell in love with this wonderful musical instrument. Today, he’s motivated to play, just like his 2 younger sisters. Apart from the ABRSM lessons, they're very eager to download & play pop songs piano sheets from the internet. In fact, I think my son is the one who has positively influenced his sisters.

He requested a keyboard in his room. It's a good way to relax after doing some school work. Sometimes his friends will come over with electric guitars for their band practice. I told him keyboard is like a mini pool with jacuzzi, but piano is the olympic size swimming pool.

When I was young, I loved playing Richard Clayderman song. Now my kids adore Bruno Mars...

Instead of reading piano scores, sometimes they'll use this non-conventional way.

My son used to play like chasing a bullet train, but now he plays with expression. And best of all, he has finally realized that playing piano is not sissy but cool.


Sunny-Cookie said...

I had the same problem with my son around that age but I didn't let him give up on his piano lessons. Now he's glad he continued learning the piano because "teenage girls think it's cool that a guy can play music" (paraphrased from what he told me). He even went on to learn the drums and guitar :D

eugene said...

I wish my sons love music but they don't hahahah,anyway it is nice to know that your boy is falling in love with the piano again,,, let it marks the beginning of good things,, a and thank you for not giving up on him..

have a great weekend ya

Joyful.Mum said...

I've always like children learning music from young. Luckily you did not give up when he was young. Through the process of learning piano, he learns that wonderful fruits are yielded from continuous hard work.

Venie said...

Wow, it's nice to know that you didn't let ur boy give up of music. I adore guys who play music, like Jay and Leehom not to say again alot of talented youtube star like sam tsui who play great music. I will let my boy play Piano or violin or even Cello too when he's big enough and of kos if he loves music. :)

YuinTing said...

Hi Sunny-Cookie, I think one of the reasons why we didin't give up on our sons because both of us play piano and we understand the pleasure we can derive from this wonderful musical instrument. Your son is right, and I'm quite sure my son also thinks alike. Hey, even aunty like me also thinks it's cool that a guy can play music, ha ha.

It's so nice your son plays drum and guitar too. That really make him super cool!

Hi Eugene, I'm grateful to my husband because he also encouraged my son not to give up. I know some friends who complained that their husbands are the one who surrendered first and said, "aiya...boy ma... don't want than don't force lah... no need to learn lah..."

Hi Joyful.Mum, I agree with you. I always tell my kids learning piano is like climbing a mountain. Initially they may feel exhausted and feel like quitting, but if they continue climbing, they will go higher and higher and be able to enjoy fresher air and more beautiful scenery. The pleasure is undescribable. I'm forever grateful to my mom for giving me the chance to learn. It's better than striking a big lottery because the pleasure I can derive from music is forever!

Hi Venie, coincidently I used Leehom and Jay to motivate my son when he was younger. I'm glad to know you're going to let your boy learn music too. Just be patient with him during the initial learning stage because boys are boys. Surprisingly, my youngest daughter used to be the only girl in her JXC Yamaha class! Rose among the thorns. Ha ha!

prince n princess mum said...

I guess it's probably because piano need a lot of practices?

YuinTing said...

Hi prince n princess mum, piano needs a lot of practice. The initial stage may not be fun. But, practice makes perfect! I'm glad my kids have more Patience & Passion now :-)

"Patience is passion tamed." - Lyman Abbott