Friday, November 18, 2011

Fashion designer & SUPERcooperativeMODEL

Photo taken in 2007. The "fashion designer" with her "Supermodel".

It is wonderful to have sisters. It is even more wonderful if the sisters share the same passion for fashion.

A few weeks ago I brought my girls to Kamdar and they requested for some plain colored fabrics. We ended up spending about RM20 on fabrics that only cost RM2-RM3 each (some were merely half a meter wide) .

One day when I got home, they eagerly showed me their creations that were still stored inside a digital camera. My 12 year old daughter had acted as the Fashion Designer, Art Director cum Photographer while her younger sister posed as the SupercooperativeModel.

I am very impressed with their creations below.

Great pose.

Beautiful dress inspired by Greek fashion.

A brilliant way to use the hair clip

Transforming a pink fabric into a sweet and lovely dress.
It somehow reminds me of "The Secret Life of Nora" my daughter & I watched recently.

My girls must have been inspired by those poster girls on the wall.

The elegant blue satin dress...

Wow...where did they learn this sexy pose from?

I like that pair of cool "pants"!

The tiara adds a perfect touch to this elegant dress.
The "art director" even took the trouble to create a black background.

The big earring enhances the glamour of this gown.

Transforming 4 pieces of fabric into a colourful casual wear.

Turning the dark blue belt into a tie...How creative!

Combining a plain green fabric with a floral one that I gave them quite some time ago.
It has a strong tropical feel.

Shopaholic in making?

Black fabric was wrapped around a white singlet. It is simple and elegant!

Well done, daughters. You may grow up as the next Coco Chanel!


eugene said...

Your girls are real model material lah,, one day they will be gracing Milan,New York,Paris good good,,,

I for one particularly like the last picture,she really has that" Look" cool

reanaclaire said...

wow..they are really talented!!! Fashion designers, here they come!

Sunny-Cookie said...

Such creativity at a young age - love the dresses, the poses and the photography!
I think girls generally discover their talents earlier. At age 12 my daughter already has an idea of what she wants to study after SPM but my son is still rather clueless!

Qaseh Gifts said...

Hi Yuin Ting.

Just stumbled upon your blog. Your girls are super cute!

Hip hip Hurray! Malaysia Juara Bolasepak Sukan SEA 2011!

薰衣草夫人 said...


Uncle Lee said...

Hello Yuin Ting, wow! Your girls are growing up fat! And of course they pick up or imitate their mummy, ha ha.
One of the first things a young girl will tell her mother is, "when I grow up I want to be beautiful like you, mummy"!

And thats the beginning of problems for boys, ha ha ha.
Have fun, and stay young.
ps, won't be long before they get mistaken for your sisters, *wink*.

YuinTing said...

Hi Eugene, if one day they go to Milan, New York or Paris, I sure will be their chaperone...good reason to go on a shopping spree, hee...

Hi Claire, thanks for your compliment. I find them talented too! They derived so much fun from it and those fabric only cost less than RM30!!

Hi Sunny-Cookie, thanks! I love those dresses, poses and photography too. My girls sure learn a lot from those TV shows and magazines. Now my son is as clueless as your son when I asked about his ambition. Even so, when he was young, he had BIG ambitions ... archaeologist, marine biologist...than "downgraded" to gun specialist... and gunsmith.

Welcome, Qaseh Gifts. Thanks for your compliments. Maybe my lovely daughters thought they're Barbie Dolls :-)


Hi Uncle Lee, times flies and the kids really grow up in a flash. My elder daughter is very artistic since young and she has become the "fashion critic" of my family. Even her brother will ask her for opinion and I must say she has good colour sense and fashion sense. Hmm...One day I shall share cloths with them...can't wait to be mistaken as sisters :D

citiding said...


Joyful.Mum said...

Your children have the potential of being a Zang Toi or Jimmy Choo! Start to register their names now for a brand new trademark!

Eunice Tee尤妮絲 said...

wow,Yuin Ting,妳的女儿遗传了妳的藝術天份呢!长后必在藝術方面有所发挥!加油!马耒西亚第二位Melinda Looi不是夢想!

YuinTing said...

Mr citiding, Thanks!

Hi Joyful.Mum, thanks for your advice. OK, I'll start finding a COOL name for them, ha ha!


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Anonymous said...

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